Brazilian Carnival comes to Southampton Uni

BraSoc and SLAPS collaborate to put on one of the best events this year

IMG_0149Last night Bar 2 was completely packed to the brim with over 300 students celebrating our very own Brazilian Carnival. SLAPS and Brazilian Society really pulled out the stops this Saturday with a spectacular event that totally exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Throughout the evening there were sensational performances by dancers, as well as live music by Pablo Serrano and Bat2K. There was a limbo competition, a raffle, mojitos, sangria, and the night finished with a super Brazilian DJ set.


Everyone was busting their most daring dance- moves and wearing colourful, feathery garms. It was certainly a night to remember. Stephen Earls, president of Spanish, Latin American and Portuguese Society (SLAPS) was chuffed, saying “we were expecting 50-80 but over 300 turned up.

“It was such a rewarding response to all the hard work put in by the committees. The night totally exceeded our expectations and we are over the moon that our taste of Brazilian Carnival in Southampton was so well received.

“Who knows, maybe this could become a yearly thing?”.

A battle of the Languages round 2 is currently in the pipeline following the sellout first round last semester, so keep your eyes open for this and join in the fun next time!

We’d like to thank both Stephen and Mikhail Yasha, president of BraSoc, for this culturally inspired, jaw-dropping display.

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