Valentine’s Day should be all about me

Stop making it about you

By me, I mean women

All girls are competitive, Valentine’s Day is just another event when hundreds of Instagram and Facebook posts are used to showcase who really has the best partner.

From the people who send flowers to themselves at university and work, yes it actually happens, to those who claim they have the ‘Best Boyfriend EVER!’, at no point is Valentine’s Day about their brilliant other half.

Every girl loves to be treated on Valentine's Day

Every girl loves to be treated on Valentine’s Day.

To make it worse, recently single girls have decided it is acceptable to make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day with their gal pals, gaining the nickname ‘Galentines’.

Going out on Valentine’s Day when you’re single completely destroys the point of the whole day, but proves that single women can’t stay away from a day of dressing up, going out for dinner, and being showered with gifts and compliments.

Girls only this 14th Feb

Girls only this 14th February.

Another reason Valentine’s Day is all about females is because it is usually the only day in the year when men are romantic. Most single people argue that your boyfriend or husband should be romantic everyday. Sorry to break it to you but, that’s probably the reason you’re single.

Relationships can often reach a stage when the romance is dying out and the arguments are increasing. Valentine’s Day allows couples to have one day when they go back to the honeymoon stage of their relationship, probably explaining why so many proposals take place on 14th February.

Girls No. 1 Objective: Getting a sparkler on Valentine's Day

Girls No. 1 Objective: Getting a sparkler on Valentine’s Day.

Shops have also contributed to Valentine’s Day being about women. Whilst they stock cards for both sexes, most presents are directly aimed at females. Although some might consider this a bad thing, most women do expect chocolates, flowers, a present, a teddy, or all of the above. This obviously adds to the event revolving around girls.

Is having too many teddies even possible?

Is having too many teddies even possible?

Some women argue that they want to do something special for their other half on Valentines’ Day, you have got it all wrong. Enjoy your day of being treated like a princess, remember Steak and Blowjob day is just around the corner and that’s much worse.

Paint balling on Valentine's Day. Just No.

Paint balling on Valentine’s Day. Just No.

On top of all of the above, we actually deserve Valentine’s Day. Most men are not bothered when they have to spend 14th February alone, they usually spend it like every other day. For a woman being single of Valentine’s Day is completely different.

When a girl actually finds a man that she manages to keep around until the big V day, she is definitely going to make it all about her.

Really there is no stopping us, so to all you guys out there just accept it and make it unforgettable day for your other half!