Southampton one of the lowest spending UK cities for Valentine’s Day

Can’t buy me love

If you’re spending Valentines in Southampton this year you’re more likely to receive a Haribo ring instead of those beautiful diamond earrings you’ve been eyeing up as residences of Southampton reportedly spend less on Valentines than most British towns.


Data collected by Worldpay on the amount of money people spend of gifts and treats for their loved one on Valentines day shows that individuals in Southampton will spend around £34.51 on their significant other.

Out of 50 British towns that are included in the data analysis, Southampton ranked 47th in the country for the amount of money spent on Valentines gifts and treats.

This places us just above Hull, Coventry and Walsall, which spends a measly £26.74.

The town that spends the most on average is Preston, where you can expect to cough up a whole £53.36 for your lover.

The national average comes in at £45.10, meaning Southampton is pinching those pennies and spends £10.59 under the national average.

Rhianna, a third year English student, says “taking someone on a date to Jesters wouldn’t cost that much. I’ve bought my Valentines day gift on my Entitlement anyway, so it hasn’t cost me anything.”

According to data, the majority of people will use flowers to say I love you this year, and florists revenues will triple. Does John Smith’s sell bouquets?