Revealed: 2016 SUSU Election Candidates

They’re all really really keen

Hold onto your seats, kids – election season is upon us. With lots more candidates than last year, 2016 is set to be a real nail-biter.

If continuous lecture hijacks, onslaughts of posters and a general disregard for your sanity and well-being excites you then get ready, because you’re in for a real treat…


The candidates are:

Union President:

Zehong Au

Sam Bailey

Thomas Gravatt

Alex Hovden

Liibaan Mohamed

VP Democracy & Creative Industries:

Michael Clarke

Matthew Drummond

Cameron Meldrum

Bryony Newman

VP Welfare:

David Allwright

George Seabrook

Christina Vinothan

VP Engagement:

Daniel Varley

VP Student Communities:

Rebecca Lake

Ruchika Menon

Flora Noble

VP Sports Development:

Thomas Provan

VP Education:

Elliot Grater

Campaigning begins on February 20th. Voting begins on February 29th and ends at 4pm on March 4th. Results will be announced that night (March 4th) at Elections Night Live in The Cube.

If you’re vaguely bothered about the student leader candidates too (you’re probably not), here they are:

Ethics and Environment Officer:

Eleanor Davis

Student Groups Officer: 

Bradley Bell

Michael Sims

The Edge Editor: 

Anneka Honeyball

Wessex Scene Editor: 

Alice Hearing

Kokulan Maheudiran

SUSUtv Station Manager: 

Danny Rickard

Alex Smith

Surge Radio Station Manager: 

Toby Leveson

Union Films Cinema Manager: 

Max Hayman

Alex Petrov

Evelyn Reilly

International Students Officer: 

Tzu-Wei Liu

Halls Officer: 

Arun Aggarwal

William Coussens

Sam Higman

Equality and Diversity Officer: 

Frazer Delves

Medical Society President: 

Joshua Adeyoju

Jahangir Jingy Alom

Rebecca Duffield

NOC Officer: 

Gregory Williams

Postgraduate (Research) Students Officer: 

Giles Howard

Winchester Campus President: 

Rebecca Willis

RAG President: 

Isobel Warrall

Housing Officer: 

Louise Bellamy

Daniel Browning

Athletic Union Officer 

Jack Harvey

Intra-Mural Officer: 

Deanna Rex

Physical Sciences and Engineering Officer:

Anthony Kenny

Humanities Faculty Officer: 

Sam Dedman

Liana (Phoebe) Nickless Dent

Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences Faculty Officer: 

James Edwards

Thomas Fahey

Business, Law and Art Faculty Officer: 

Hale Bener

Health Sciences Faculty Officer: 

Bradley Sewell

Natural and Environmental Sciences Officer:

Yousra Hikal

Student Trustee: 

Mark Cole

Hadeeka Taj

Positions with no candidates:

Charities and Communities Officer, Student Enterprise Officer, Nightline Officer, Wellbeing Officer, Sustainability Officer, Sports Participation Officer, Engineering and Environment Faculty Officer.