The locals are the WORST thing about Southampton, say voters

The people have spoken

The results of the Tab’s poll are in, and we can reveal that our readers have voted the locals as the worst thing about Southampton.


1,030 people voted, with the locals taking 25% of the vote. Church Lane hill was a close runner up with 20%, while club promoters took home the bronze medal with 15%.

The weather received the fewest votes, despite Storm Imogen rampaging through the South to further back up its credentials.

Screenshot 2016-02-11 at 12.13.54 PM

The result is a tad surprising given the backlash generated by the mere inclusion of the locals in the poll, but the silent majority won the day.

Local resident AND University of Southampton student Ashley told the Soton Tab “I am extremely proud you voted us the worst thing about Southampton. Up the Saints”.