The Southampton students behind infamous ‘Vault rave’ are throwing another weird party

It’s in a cellar

Remember those guys who threw that rave in, well, an underground, weird vault and it absolutely popped off? Well they’re back to throw another party, and they mean business this time.

Brickwork returns for what is being penned as a Masquerave, and word play aside, you can expect to hear the raw, unrefined but undoubted quality of a collective who haven’t been throwing events for long, but already give off the feeling that they know what they’re doing.


They’ve changed the venue to the Stage Door, which was formally known as The Cellar for anyone feeling nostalgic, meaning a bigger capacity and a better sound system, not to mention the fact that it’s in the heart of town. The intention behind this is to use a venue that is rarely used, in keeping with the general principles and ethos of Brickwork.

They’ve added some firepower to the line-up, too, by bringing in Dan O’Rourke (Junk resident and all round cool guy) to go back to back with fellow DJ and friend Kane (Also absolutely excellent) – they’ll be doing their thing, alongside Southampton University’s president of SEMSU, Joe Carver who is renowned to be incredibly well versed in his electronic music knowledge, as well as the brickwork residents, who did a fantastic job last time but will no doubt be looking to one up themselves (and each other).

I caught up with Morgan Harris, who’s one of the lads running the event to talk about the Masquerave, and it’s fair to say they’ve got some big plans for this event, and future ones.

Speaking on the subject he said: “So the next Brickwork work party will be held at The Stage Door, we are trying to offer a different type of night for Southampton to enjoy, we have the utmost respect for Switch and Junk, they’re great venues that play great music, but we felt that we wanted to showcase what Southampton has to offer a little more, and also change it up a bit with the venues, purposefully picking venues you may not be familiar with, but you’ll certainly enjoy.

After the success and hype around our last event we are hoping our Masquerave event will be even bigger, and even better. We have got big plans for the next event and are looking forward to seeing everyone down there!”

What a guy. On that note, the ticket’s have almost sold out, so if you want to be a part of what proves to be an exciting little event, I’d get a move on!