Pre-Drinks are the best part of the night

It’s better than clubbing

Some will try and argue that clubbing is better than pre-drinks with the squad. They’re wrong. Below is all the proof you need that pre-drinks are never boring, always fun and the best part of the night:

Awkward at first, wild by end

True, the start is awkward. Everyone’s still sober and a flatmate has invited friends no one else knows and most of the time they stand awkwardly in the corner and look like they’d rather be anywhere else but in your kitchen. Then there’s always someone who isn’t ready until about halfway through the pres (normally the girl who wears too much make up… Just sayin’)

Ring of Fire

The eternal game to kick off pres, no pre-drinks is complete without a game of Ring of Fire! Let’s be honest though, no one actually knows the rules, but that’s half the fun. Someone always refuses to play but insists on sitting in the circle anyway and the playing cards get wrecked. You know you should have picked more up in Fresher’s because now you’re too poor to afford new ones. Because of all the drinking.


The music

Every flat and house has one: the resident DJ. From the latest synth-techno, they’ll then effortlessly transition to Taylor Swift’s latest banger no problem. They’re normally the only person who’s bothered bringing speakers to uni which means ‘their speakers so their music’. Listening to bad music on good speakers is marginally better than music out of a tinny iPhone. You make do… Like always.

Deep Chats

You have that mate who has one beer and just gets so emosh. It’s always as you’re having a great time; they pull you aside for a deep chat because they’ve drunk texted their ex or they’ve realised their true love for a cute boy/girl they haven’t spoken to since year 11. You know full well that if you don’t do some major damage control and cheer them up you’re going to be spending your night patting their back and mopping up the tears and runny nose. Or worse.

Maybe this means there'll be less of this in the Jesters toilets


Toilet Club

The kitchen isn’t the only place to hang out at pre-drinks. They say you can learn everything you need to know about someone from what’s in their bathroom. It’s also the best place to have a good chat about the scandal that just dropped in the kitchen. Or, if the party’s really not picked up yet, you can also go and hold back the hair of the flat’s lightweight.

Leftover Salvage

There’s nothing better than cleaning with a hangover the next day! Chances are, you’ll be left with a supply of random glasses, why do people never seem to want them back? Everyone brings their own booze but most don’t claim it back the next day, leftovers aren’t all bad! We recommend instigating a 24 hour rule- anyone who hasn’t claimed their drinks back in this time forfeits their rights of ownership to you.

edited bottles

Taxis are a mess, just an absolute mess

Someone somewhere (about an hour ago) mentioned booking a taxi but of course no one actually bothered. Everyone’s finally ready to go NOW so you call and there’s a 45 minute wait. Then the taxi arrives seemingly out of the blue so everyone feels they have to neck their drinks back so they don’t get left behind. It’s all part of the fun though isn’t it?