In Pictures: DEVASTATION as Storm Imogen batters Southampton

Hell hath no fury like a woman storm

Southampton is dealing with the fallout from Storm Imogen, the latest in a series of weather systems to hit the UK.

Imogen moved in from the Atlantic, bring with her gusts of up to 96mph and heavy rain across parts of the country. Power outages have been caused in Hampshire, and the devastation around Portswood and Highfield is clear to see. Nearly tens of fences have been knocked over by the high wind, leaving local residents shell-shocked.


Not even campus was immune to damage, with utter chaos outside Hartley Library.


Storm Imogen has really trashed the place.


WARNING: Some readers/people who like fences for some reason may find these images disturbing.

Aq6c_HW3NzbxyNmnIosbv15mHnFqia-sJiz4FM4fbAt1We will rebuild.


The gravity of the storm really can’t be overblown.


Times may be difficult but we will get through it in the traditional British way, cups of tea and telling people to ‘listen to that wind’.