Napping is the best thing about University

I wish I was taking one right now.

Since coming to university most students have only learnt one thing: napping is an essential part of the day.

Finding the perfect time to take a nap can be difficult, however, once achieved there are multiple benefits of shutting your eyes for a daily nap, these include:

Feeling energised

After waking up from a nap you feel like superman. Yes, you might have just wasted an hour or missed a lecture, but, think of all the things you can get done during the rest of the day. You might even be able to cram another 4 episodes on Netflix into your afternoon.

Improving your attention span

Instead of turning up to your afternoon lectures feeling tired and losing interest after 5 minutes, you will be pumped ready to embrace the knowledge your lecturers are offering.

(WARNING: naps do not promise that you will pay attention for the whole hour.)

Preparing for the rest of the day.

Preparing for the rest of the day.

Contributing to weight loss

Considering the food coma most students enter during the Christmas break, taking a nap will contribute to shredding your post-Christmas food baby. Also unlike the cost of a gym membership that you will never use, naps are FREE!


Naps are known to improve your endurance. Therefore, taking one before a night out will promise that you will last longer than your usual 5 minutes of incredibly dull sex with the 4/10 you always bring back.

A nap can be taken any time, anywhere.

A nap can be taken any time, anywhere.

Better decision making

On the topic of pulling, naps can cause you to make better decisions. As a result, next time you go to Jesters you might end up not being sick in the same corner as two people getting intimate.

An opportunity to reflect on the day

Naps allow you to think about the events of the day and decide whether any food in your fridge is actually edible. With the continuous studying that students are subjected to, its nice to have a break and think about how much information you’ve retained.

Blissfully unaware

Blissfully unaware.

They feel great

Apart from all the other reasons, napping is an incredible feeling. You can let your mind, taking you away from university life to somewhere you would rather be. This gives you some time away from the INCREDIBLY stressful life of a student.

If you haven’t had a nap today, hopefully you’ve realised its nap time.