Dungeon owner hints club may re-open in future

Your dream of visiting may still come true

Despite it being announced on Tuesday that the popular Southampton club was closing for good, staff revealed yesterday the Dungeon may be re-opening.

Southampton students, alums and fans of the bustling alternative scene in the city were yesterday lamenting the loss of one its biggest players across social media – only to find out it may have been a false alarm.

The situation had looked bleak for the Southampton alternative favourite after it was closed most nights in January and began handing out P45s. Rumours online suggested that a lack of funds to repair damage done during recent refurbishments were the cause of the club’s apparent closure.

Many believed it really was the end for the club which had previously been Southampton’s go-to destination for an unconventional night out. But apparently these rumours may have been false and the Dungeon could be set for a revival.

Dungeon fans were upset about its closure

The Dungeon issued a statement on its official Facebook page last night blaming illness of the licensee for the temporary closure. Owners wrote that the club would “reopen in the very near future” and told customers to “Ignore the rumours” of a permanent closure.

The official statement from the Dungeon’s Facebook page

On the Facebook page that, until yesterday, was designated as the farewell party for the alternative club, manager Nicola ‘Nyx’ Rooney confirmed that, despite some staff members having been given their P45s, the club would not be shutting down permanently.

She wrote “some [staff] have still had to move on” but suggested “all old and new regulars should still come and celebrate and give us some ideas on what we can do next” to send these (former) employees off with a bang.

Many had planned to attend the final goodbye planned for staff at the nearby Shooting Star pub. Instead of cancelling the event after this big reveal, it is now being called a ‘P45 and Dungeon Revival Party’.

Many felt the loss to Southampton night life would be a huge blow.

Although Nicola Rooney told event attendees to “Scrap everything [she] said before!” she gave no details for the reason for the sudden turnaround. Responding to a comment, she cryptically said she “can’t go into detail” and “will post something official in about a week/week and half’s time” – suggesting there are more details to come beyond the illness of the club’s licensee.

Whatever the reason for the Dungeon’s apparent sudden reopening, the majority are happy that for the time being, it seems to be here to stay.