These are the best hangover cures in Southampton

The best places to go to ease the pain.

It’s 10.37am on a Wednesday. Still wearing a bed sheet from the “bantalicious” toga party at Glen Bar, you write the day off as basically over and assemble a few flatmates for food. Ate all the oven chips last night at 3am though, didn’t you? Here are the best places to go when you’re hanging far too much to cook.

The Night Before


Need to find something fast after leaving Orange Rooms? This place is sometimes open until 3am and it’s slap bang in the middle of Bedford Place.

Let’s call this a preventive measure more than a remedy- with a burrito to line your stomach after a heavy night on the lash, sip the fancy Ginger Beer you picked from the Mexigo fridge and bask in the knowledge you probably won’t even feel the 14 Jagerbombs you just drank from a fresher’s bellybutton (or something).

Downsides: Very messy. Only go for this if you’re on a coordinated comedown or if you’re especially handy with the old aluminium foil.

Visit if: You like-a the spicy rice-a. And maybe if you’re after a cheeky tequila nightcap.

Quality: 8

Value: 8- quite cheap considering it’s pretty okay Mexican food.

Vibe: 8

Good burrito, get in the mouth.

Good burrito, get in the mouth.


Halladay’s Tea Rooms

Ready for the best fry up in all their young lives.

Ready for the best fry up in all their young lives

Halladay’s serve up the best Full English in the whole of Southampton. Also waffles, teas, cakes, jacket potatoes, sandwiches etc.

But let’s be honest- Halladay’s is worth the trek for the fry up, the adorable atmosphere and the way the waitstaff bring the bill with a Drumstick lollipop. No visit has ever been anything less than cosy. It’s £8 for a breakfast but frankly, it’s worth it just to fix the grim feeling in your liver.

Downsides: it’s generally crammed full, so don’t visit if the whole ‘squad’ is joining you. Sometimes the kitchen will close bizarrely early, probably because it’s a family run affair. As a rule of thumb: whatever Google is telling you as a closing time, aim to be sitting down an hour or two before hand.

Visit if: You need lipids and carbs and bacon and your dad forgot to send you a Waitrose shop this week and you simply can’t be arsed to deal with the pans.

Value: 9

Value: 6

Vibe: 10

Clientele: 3- because no matter how cute that couple is, sometimes you don’t want them literally RIGHT IN YOUR FACE.

Tiny tables, delicious black pudding.

Tiny tables, delicious black pudding.



If you live somewhat closer to the Palace of Dreams end of Portswood, then 7Bone is the hangover spot for you. Sometimes with a wait for a table and a lot of topknots (for good or ill), 7Bone is a prime burger joint if you can’t look another ‎£1 Menu McCheeseburger in the eye.

Juicy and excellent tasting patties with nice brioche buns is the general fare, with the best seasoned and ‘dirty’ chips your filthy fingers can shovel in this side of the Solent. Sit down on the weird metal benches and let the atmosphere bring you back into this realm.

Downsides: The wait for a table is legendary, especially on a weekend. Bring a portable Bop-It Extreme or whatever it is second years play with this season.

Visit if: You like burgers and you want a Brighton-style approach to curing your hangover.

Food: 8.5

Value: 7- good as long as you have one of the decent cooks. There was a noticeable dip in quality a few months back but a few Deliveroos later and it’s basically business as usual. The portions are huge though. Let’s make this an 8.

Vibe: 9

Chowing down with a Robert Johnston, Prince Charles is Overrated and one bushel of seasoned fries.

Chowing down with a Robert Johnston, a Prince Charles is Overrated and one bushel of seasoned fries.



No exaggeration to say UniKebab is a lifesaver over the exam period when you reaaaally need to get to the library come 9pm and you’re still slightly bleary eyed from the night before.

The guy who owns the place gives you a free Turkish tea as you wait for your lamb donner. Alongside a smile.

UniKebab for life.

Downsides: Don’t be such a bellend.

Visit if: You are alive.

Food: 10

Value: 10

Vibe: 10

A beautiful friendship and a beautiful kebab.

A beautiful friendship and a beautiful kebab. Note the empty glasses of tea!


Sprinkles Gelato

The obvious choice for desert. It’s open until midnight, it smells a bit weird sometimes but by God it’s ours. Shout out to the Nutella and Cookie waffle, shared with a friend or two and probably with a scoop of pistachio gelato on the side to break it up a bit.

Food: 10

Value: eh, pretty good

Vibe: 10- especially when it’s close to midnight and you’re eating a giant crepe with all your closest chums.

Look at this cupcake. It has a face.

Look at this cupcake. It has a face.