Switch set to host Justin Bieber night

No, he won’t actually be there

The latter stages of 2015 marked Justin Bieber’s musical rebirth. His Purpose album soared to the top of global music charts, with the help of individual track success from Sorry, Love Yourself and What Do You Mean.

As a result of this widespread acclaim, thousands who may have condemned the Canadian’s early music have now declared themselves Beliebers. Now the JBAS (Justin Bieber Appreciation Society) has sprung up with the hope of capitalising on his popularity, and it is doing so by bringing a Justin Bieber night to Southampton.


The event is touring the country, and has chosen Switch as its Southampton venue. More details can be found on the Facebook event here. The Bristol event sold out in 6 minutes, which is testament to the appeal of Biebs.

The night promises “A party for all of us sassy individuals with a true appreciation for Justin Bieber (aka God)”, with the JBAS claiming “We’ve always been Beliebers, we’ve just been waiting for our mates to catch up before we could go admitting it publicly”.

For those who aren’t fully sold on Bieber, the event also promises to include some R&B and other retro tunes.


Tickets go on sale later this week, costing £3, £4 or £5 depending on the release. The event will be taking place on the 25th, so exams won’t even get in the way.

Overall you can Mark My Words that the Purpose of the night is to provide us with a laugh and some post-exam fun. Bring some Company, relax and Love Yourself and I’ll Show You, but if you’re not keen there’s No Pressure (Sorry).