WASP INFESTED snacks served at Connaught dining halls

A resident was mortified to find the insect in their flapjack

Connaught’s dining hall has been criticised again for selling food containing insects.

Resident Eleanor posted an image of the gruesome flapjack on the Halls’ facebook group of the item allegedly sold by Connaught dining staff with a dead wasp baked inside.

She commented “Quality catering from Connaught”.


First year Eleanor told us: “I just went in for brunch. It was pre-packed, but when I took it away I noticed it. I’d already left the canteen so didn’t mention it to staff.”

In response to discovering the wasp, Eleanor said the dining hall could be “a bit hit and miss”, but rated the service as “decent” overall.

The University’s Catering Services Manager was unavailable for comment.



This is the second insect incident in Connaught in just over a year, after maggots were spotted in the sausages in 2014.

Robert Collins, who discovered the maggots, told the Tab “I went in expecting the usual of bangers and mash but was unexpectedly met by the culinary talents of the superb Connaught catering staff.

“The food is usually bland, boring and tasteless so for a short period of time last night the meal was actually a bit exciting.”