Southampton Rises in National Jedi Population Table

The force has awakened

The figures from the most recent government census have seen Southampton become the 10th biggest UK city for Jedi Knights.


The most popular city amongst Jedis is Leeds, where 2,812 people identify with the movement. The figure for Southampton is a respectable 1,388, but this is expected to continue its growth.

The phenomenon first came about in the 2001 census where nearly 400,000 Brits identified as Jedi when asked which religion they followed, making Jediism the 4th most popular religion in the UK. This led to Jediism becoming an official religion in 2008.

While Jedi numbers have fallen since the 2001 census, speculators have suggested that the success of the recent Star Wars film ‘The Force Awakens’ has led to a new wave of support for the nontheistic group, with over 1000 people declaring themselves to be Jedi each week.

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There is no formal process required in order to join the Jedi faith, their website stating that you must simply “look inside yourself, and feel the force”.

The Soton Tab asked some students what was behind the rise in Southampton’s Jedi population. Ben, third year, said “The locals can relate because most of them are disgusting alien creatures”, while Sophie, first year, said “There must be midichlorians in Jesticles”.

While the movement has been the recipient of derision from some of the population, it has attracted the interests of a few celebrities such as Life’s Too Short star Warwick Davis.

At a time when religious extremism is growing, could Jediism be the pisstake we all need to lighten the mood?