New Editorial Positions Open

Southampton’s biggest student news site is hiring.

The Soton Tab is run by a small team of dedicated section editors who commission and edit pieces from students with the confidence and talent to write articles that people will actually read and engage with.

We’ve decided to open applications for editorial positions again to freshen up the team, fill a few gaps and push us forward into what will hopefully be biggest semester the Soton Tab has ever seen.

In the past six months we’ve smashed our all-time daily hits record and have established ourselves as one of the most-read student publications in the country. We’ve also broken stories that have made headlines worldwide.

There’s never been a better time to get involved.

We don’t do democracy at the Soton Tab, we just pick all the best people who apply- you don’t need to have written for us before, just be the keenest candidate with the most exciting ideas.

Apply here.


News Editor

As News Editor, you’re all about getting the scoops and publishing the scandal before anyone else. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t hack phones or bug offices but it does help having your fingers in a few campus pies. We’ve got tips and tricks from the professionals on sourcing fast, fun news relevant to students which is guaranteed to rake in the hits. The current Soton Tab team will show you the ropes and clue you up on news reporting and editing, and in no time you’ll see your articles go viral across Southampton and sometimes national.

Some of the biggest news stories we’ve done have tens of thousand of hits, and even made headlines around the world, such as:

Southampton student handed a sketched out WhatsApp library love letter

Smoking makes you cool

University confirm they will not honour library referendum result

Apply here.

Features Editor

You’re all about finding the best new stuff on campus and across the country, and writing about it. Whether it’s interviewing a famous student, carrying out voxpops on campus or photographing the latest fashion trends, you’re willing to get stuck in and aren’t afraid to talk to people.

This is your opportunity to go out and find news, but cover it in a way that you want. Here are some of the recent stories we’ve done:

Campus Style: Freshers Week

Why I decided to live alone

Why aren’t more students Vegan?

Apply here.


cools and cuties only xx

Head of Content

This is a new role we’ve created for 2016. If you’re addicted to YikYak, spend too much time on Twitter and can’t stop scrolling through the LadBible videos, then you’ll be perfect for this position. The role will be to source new content for the page that is non-article based, and is ideal for anyone looking to break into social media. That means finding pictures and videos that people will like and share, generating new ways to keep the Soton Tab on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

We have a few examples on our Facebook page, but for a better understanding visit The Tab’s Facebook page here.

Apply here.

Tab TV Editor

This is the big one. We’ve been planning this all semester, and are very excited to be launching Soton Tab video content this semester. If you’re a director, producer or presenter who wants their work to be seen by an audience of tens of thousands, can take a commission and turn it around into an engaging short video for students, and have the connections to make it happen, we want you to get involved. As this role is new and fairly broad, what we’re looking for above all is an enthusiasm to create. If you have any questions about this role, do not hesitate to get in touch at [email protected]

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Seasonal positions

There will also be a few more laid-back roles in semester two, perfect for anyone looking to dip their toes in, get a bit of experience and throw themselves into some of the biggest events in the University calendar.

If you want to get involved with the Tab but are unsure if you want to commit, these are the perfect roles for you:

Varsity Editor

When you’re not down the Stag’s watching a repeat of Bradford-Leeds from 1993, you’re at Wide Lane cheering on the Stags. A passion for sport in general is vital, as you’ll be in charge of all sports content in the weeks leading up to the big event- Varsity. Last year we did live blogs, interviews with captains and profiles of the teams to get people excited, and this year we want to go even bigger, with your help.

Apply here.

Elections Editor

Without a doubt our favourite time of year- all the cringe, scandal and gossip you could imagine, within the already-ridiculous student politics bubble. If you’re a SUSU keeno, or love laying it on thick with the satire, this role will be perfect for you. Our live blogs have been called “the only good thing” about SUSU’s Elections, and now we want to step it up with full coverage- none of the boring stuff, just what real students like you care about.

Apply here.

To apply, just click here and fill in our quick application!

If you’ve got any questions about the roles and what they involve, email us at [email protected] or reach out to our current lot of friendly editors. You can find our writers group here.