A boy’s night out – from a girl’s perspective

I felt really short

My friend Connor phoned me pitching me the huge idea of this night out with him and the boys.

Having been out 5 times this week already, I reluctantly said yes because my mother didn’t raise a quitter. I had a headache and a horrible hangover but I definitely didn’t want the fear of missing out.

12391401_956281671127495_2085141539370994351_nGetting Ready

After about 300 outfit changes I call my best friend Woolmate, who half-listens to me as I tip the contents of my wardrobe on the floor. He’s telling me I look ‘nice’ and ‘fine’ in what I am wearing. This is a big no-no for me so i change again. Then the other boys arrive and next thing i know there are 7 boys in my room while I’m running round trying to find my other shoe.

They all convince me I look lovely and that I should ‘listen to them because they are boys.’ So I opt for a black mini dress and oversize white blazer.

Pre Drinks  

My lovely clean desk is now covered in Cherry Coke, Amaretto and Russian Standard. At this point I am wondering what I have let myself in for as I look round the room sipping my vodka and lucozade sport (I had no mixer). However the boys humoured me, talking about typical boy stuff.

I find them fascinating as they discuss the debt they are in with each other, girls they like and what they should do with their hair. Eventually I felt a bit claustrophobic in my box room so I booted everyone out.


Lads lads lads

The Club

Our destination of choice this evening is Cafe Parfait, a small but mellow club with 99p drinks before 12, I decide that after my heavy week of drinking I would be the sober(ish) one for the night so i only have about 3 drinks and i am proud of myself for this. I wish I could say the same for the boys!

They are running round left right and centre, and absolutely loving life dancing round in a circle together. Well, a few were dancing: some of the lads were swaying by this point and on a completely different planet – my maternal instinct kicked in and I wanted to tuck them in bed with a bottle of water and paracetamol.

Instead, I dance with them, feeling a bit weird that they are all about a foot taller than me, but I’m having a great time nonetheless. Interestingly though, it seems that because I was with a big group of boys – no other boys would come near me, I have to say I’m a bit gutted about this part as there were some right sorts in Parfait.

Now, anyone who knows me will tell you I am that girl that wanders in a night club – however these boys took it to the next level! I felt like i was taking Year 3’s out on a walk and I kept doing headcounts.

The Shisha

Never in my life have I seen a group of people so excited to inhale blackcurrant vapour. The boys loved it. A couple of them had never tried it before and it was like a kid at christmas. Then, they started doing smoke tricks and being loud – trying to hold the shisha in for as long as possible, resulting in them coughing their guts up. I just laugh at them and sip my drink, what else can you do? It won’t be long until they get bored.

I was wrong.

So it gets to the point where a couple of the lads can’t even keep their eyes open or stand up straight, so soon enough the cups of water are being dished out and I contemplate going home. However, Woolmate has other ideas and he says we have 45 minutes to get to the next venue – so before I know it I am running across town at 2 in the morning trying to catch up with the boys. Do they actually think running is fun? Anyway, we make it and i get dragged into a rock bar and end up head banging for the last hour of the night (can’t say this helped my headache very much but I enjoyed anyway).

Then finally it was time to go home.

I woke up with a banging headache feeling serious concern for my new ‘babies’. I loved going out with the boys but now I know what it feels like to be a mother.