Everything important that happened in Southampton this semester

A round up of the best news stories from the first term of the year.

It’s that time of year when people are heading back home for Christmas. They leave the freezing cold, unwashed bed sheets of their university house for the warm, loving embrace of paid-for central heating and motherly love.

However, it is also a time for reflection. Not on your life, no one wants to reflect on that. But on the funny, exciting, and sometimes controversial stories of the first term of the year.

So, without further ado, here are the highlights of Southampton’s news from the past few months.

League table success

Southampton rises in World Rankings

Southampton rises in Sunday Times league table

Southampton rises 13 places in world uni rankings

The year started off with mixed blessings. On the one hand, The University of Southampton went up in the world. We increased our ranking in not one, not two, but three university league tables.


Two tragedies

Study finds hangovers cannot be cured

Solent grads in BA plane which caught fire

Yet, on the other hand, it was discovered that hangovers are incurable and a graduate from Solent got caught in a plane fire in Vegas.

Putting the mad in madras

Tariq Manzils shows up to student party with onion bhajis.

It only got better from here when local legend Tariq Manzil decided to turn up to a student house party. He even brought free onion bhajis.


SUSU’s referendum meltdown

SUSU oppose University plans for 24 hour library

SUSU approves 24/7 library referendum

University confirm they will not honour library referendum result

SUSU spent £1000 on Referendum T-Shirts

One of the more controversial narratives that we saw unfold during the first term was the much debated 24 hour library referendum. Sorry for reminding you.


World champions

Southampton team wins Enactus World Cup

Despite the sickening amount of student politics there was some genuine good news when Team Southampton won the Enactus World Cup.


Student tries to crowdfund parking fine

November was ushered in with the bizarrely hilarious news that a student was trying to crowd fund his parking ticket. Surely a worthy charity cause.

Unlucky in love

Southampton student handed a sketched out WhatsApp library love letter

The biggest and best news story of the first term arguably came in the shape of a Whatsapp message. A badly drawn Whatsapp message. Brave bastion of chivalry or cringeworthy desperation? You decide. Either way, it went on to be reported around the world.

Southampton’s favourite sexual position is spooning

Hartley got a bit saucy in October with the revelation that our favourite sexual position is spooning, as well as being the kinkiest area in the country. Not too sure how those two things go together.


The Soton Tab’s First Annual SUSU Week

SUSU employee caught destroying beloved Union Films sign with pipe

SUSU slams Jesters and Sobar for being ‘irresponsible’

Student media groups attack SUSU for “unacceptable” treatment

As the first term drew to an end it seemed only fitting that SUSU would be back in the spotlight with three controversial stories taking up the headlines in the final week.

Following the exciting revelations, the Wessex Scene’s Editor even took a moment for some self-reflection:

Bridie, we’re here for you.

These two Southampton students are travelling to Calais to help refugees

We still managed to end of a high note, with a truly heartwarming story that is sure to restore some faith in humanity. With all the shit that is going on in the world at the moment, it is nice to see that students at the University of Southampton still care.


We hope that you have enjoyed your first term of the year and we look forward to bringing you all the amazing news stories for the coming months.