SUSU slams Jesters and Sobar for being ‘irresponsible’

A Sabbatical Officer says they need to ‘take responsibility’.

Everyone knows that students love going to clubs and getting completely rat-arsed, but should clubs like Jesters and Sobar be responsible for our safety after one too many?

In a recent interview on drinking culture in Southampton, SUSU’s VP Welfare officer Sam Bailey told the Soton Tab that he thinks the clubs don’t take enough responsibility, saying “I do believe some of the things that Jesters, Sobar and other clubs are doing is irresponsible.”



He continued that “I think they do need to take responsibility. If a student is so drunk that they are getting chucked out and [the bouncers] are just going to chuck them out on the street then it is their responsibility to make sure that student is safe.”

However, Sam added “That’s not an anti-Jesters crusade, that’s not ‘I want to shut down Jesters.”

After stopping the Portswood ‘Safety Bus’ SUSU says that it wishes to work with the local council and organisations such as the Christian Union’s ‘Inside Out’ group, who look out for students in Portswood returning from a night out. Yet they still believe that the clubs themselves can do more.

Becky, one of the owners of Sobar, responded by saying “The [Bevois] Valley takes more responsibility for student safety then other late night venues. Sobar always makes sure that anybody that leaves here gets home safe.”

“I have driven many students home over the years and would never see anyone left out alone.”

“If someone was brave enough to tackle the big chain supermarkets and the off-licenses then the problem wouldn’t be as big.”

She went on to say “If the ‘Safety Bus’ was still used there would be less problems.”

SObar Q

The now extinct Portswood Safety Bus waiting for students


The axing of the Portswood safety bus has been a controversial topic with SUSU considering it “a total waste of everyones time as it’s not an effective service”, yet there are clearly still those who believe it was a valuable service that made students safer.

Nick Green, the owner of Jesters, told The Soton Tab “Drinks prices across Southampton are set at competitive levels and in my opinion this is a good thing.”

“The police, with the backing of some of the larger more expensive venues in southampton are pushing for the minimum price of a vodka mixer to be raised to £1.50 across the city. Anything less than this price will be deemed irresponsible.

“Our £1 vodka mixer promotion on a Monday has been running for over 10 years without incident and continues to do so. What’s more irresponsible, purchasing 28 shots of vodka from a shop for £8 and taking it home or buying a single shot of vodka and mixer for £1 in a controlled safe environment?

“I have no doubt that one day the powers that be will force drinks prices up and the only people to lose out will be the students of Southampton.

“First your tuition fees, now your drinks prices. When will this [war] on student life end.”