SUSU employee caught destroying beloved Union Films sign with pipe

They cruelly uploaded it to their Facebook with a Korean soap opera soundtrack

A SUSU employee has been caught destroying the iconic ‘Union Films’ sign on video, after the sign was mistakenly thrown away.

The scandal comes after Union films were told by SUSU representatives that their much loved sign had “gone missing” when it mysteriously disappeared shortly after this year’s Freshers Fayre, on the 25th September.

The apparently innocuous state of affairs was then blown wide open when another student uploaded the video to Facebook, only then did it become apparent what tragedy had befallen the sign.

SUSU were unable to disclose the identity of the staff members involved due to a staff student agreement.

However, VP DCI Kerry Sclater, told The Soton Tab that the staff members had been instructed to clear out The Cube after the Freshers Fayre, resulting in the sign being binned.

It has not yet been clarified what led the staff member to then attack the mistakenly thrown away sign with a pipe.

To add insult to injury, the assailants bizarrely decided to film the incident, and later edited it. They added slow-motion to enhance the destruction and backing music, including sad violins from a Korean soap-opera soundtrack.

For years the cherished Union Films sign took pride of place at the front of the screen in the Union cinema.

Union films

The now destroyed Union Films sign enjoying better days

A meeting was held on Thursday 3rd December between representatives from SUSU, including VP DCI Kerry Sclater, and Union Films.

During the meeting SUSU insisted that they were unaware of the incident taking place.

They have subsequently offered to replace the sign for Union Films.

An anonymous representative from Union Films told the Soton Tab: “It’s crazy that a SUSU employee would do this.

“He didn’t have any motive and when we asked people where it had gone we were just told that no one knew.”

“At least now SUSU is going to pay for a new one”.