Mark-Francis and Stevie from MiC gave out free alcohol at the Christmas Ball

Freshers were begging them for selfies

Mark-Francis and Stevie from Made in Chelsea were giving free drinks out over the bar at the Christmas Ball.

The Made in Chelsea duo were working behind Bar Three, with crowds of freshers desperate for a photo opportunity.

Stevie told The Tab: “It’s great to do something different like this, for us and also for the students. We’ve never done something like this before.”

They also took time out to take pictures with the bar staff.


Some lucky freshers were even given free drinks by the famous pair. Nilam, a psychology fresher, told us: “Mark Francis gave me and my mate a free drink cos it was her birthday. The night was so much better than the Freshers’ Ball”.

Despite a fire alarm interrupting the event, this was probably the best Ball run by SUSU in a long time.

The TV celebs were the centrepieces, but even Lawson and Stooshe put on a decent show.

SURGE’s DJ set picked up as the night went on and people began to leave the Cube.