Southampton Law School sends out mass appeal for lost mug

Crime has struck where you would least expect it.

In a shocking turn of events, a Law School staff member has had her favourite mug taken from her by a mystery thief.

Dr Alice Harrison, who lectures in Company and Commercial Law, sent out an email to everyone in the law school (students included) appealing for the return of her mug.


The mug bears the hilarious caption ‘Is It Friday Yet?’ This cleverly plays on the idea that people dislike the working week and long for the freedom which can only be offered by a weekend, which is of course heralded by a Friday. With such a relatable caption, it’s easy to see why someone would miss the mug.

In a cruel twist of fate, the mug was taken from her on a Thursday, mere hours away from her favourite time of the week.

Furthering the tragedy of the mug theft, it is described as ‘the perfect size’. This conjures up heartbreaking images of Dr Harrison struggling with mugs which are slightly too large or too small, longing for the return of the Goldilocks Baby Bear ‘just right’ handle size.


The Law School have promised to have mercy on the culprit if he or she comes clean and returns the mug to its rightful owner.

This is the second time in the last couple of weeks where the Southampton Law School has accidentally addressed all its students as well as its staff. The first time caused a mild uproar as it promised free tea and coffee in the staff room, only to then snatch it away from students in need of caffeine by way of another email saying that the first one only applied to staff.

The police have released an e-fit of the suspect

The police have released an e-fit of the suspect

If you have any information which could aid the Law School’s ongoing investigation, we urge you to contact [email protected].