We spoke to the organiser of the UK’s “Best Vintage Fair”

They’ve got the waviest garms you can find.

Saturday 14th November saw Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair return to Southampton’s Guildhall. Winner of the UK’s ‘Best Vintage Fair’ for the last three years, Lou Lou’s visits cities across the UK, bringing over 40 vintage traders, a beauty parlour and tea party.


The Guildhall in all its vintage glory

For the modest cost of £2 entry, students and locals who’d braved the rain to reach the Guildhall, in the city centre, could enter to browse affordable vintage clothing, accessories and homewares mixed with vintage-inspired handmade clothing, jewellery and toiletries. There were also homemade cakes on offer at the traditional-style tea party.


50s dresses galore

I spoke to fair manager Jessica Gregory to find out more about the event:

How did you become involved with Lou Lou’s vintage fairs?

I actually owned the tea party, so that’s how I got in. Then from there I asked Lou Lou ‘do you want any help managing’ because I knew how the events worked. And from then on that’s been it really, ever since university.


Sampling the tea party treats

What’s been the best experience you’ve had to date organising an event like this?

Just to see everyone happy at the end, everyone just becomes like family and friends. I’m always happy when I see other people happy, all the traders happy.

How has the turnout today been?

I’m not sure yet, I haven’t counted up yet but I think there’s ‘gotta be over a thousand today. We’ve been quite busy.

What’s a really busy show?

Oxford and Bristol, we usually have over two thousand [people] at those.

How long does it take to prepare an event like this?

It’s about six weeks of promotion. But we’ll know anyway like a year ahead or two years ahead of when an event is going to be held.

How does Southampton compare to some of the other fairs that you hold?

A lot of people dress up to come to this one, and that doesn’t happen very much in other cities. So you do see quite a bit of fashion.

How would you sum up what Lou Lou’s is about?

Just bringing vintage all under one roof, from the 30s all the way to the 90s. You can just come under one roof and everyone has an era that they like. There’s just a bit for everyone.


Trying on my bit of everything

So whether rock’n’roll is your kind of thing, or you simply want a second-hand Levi’s jacket, patterned 90s windbreaker, or tea and cake, Lou Lou’s most certainly has something to appeal to everyone. Like their Facebook page to find out when the fair will return to Southampton!