Third Sprinkles Store Opens

The best way to get diabetes

As if two Sprinkles’ wasn’t enough to cruelly tempt us to ditch revision and cry into ice-cream, a third store has now opened on Southampton High Street.

Just Desserts: Sprinkles wide range of sundaes, waffles and ice cream has made it a favourite amongst Southampton studnets

Just Desserts: Students can often been found pigging out on a glorious variety of desserts

Development manager Rashidul Islam has said that the demand was just too heavy that he was all but forced to open a third store to match the cries of the Southampton people. He said he is extremely excited about the opening of this new branch which has created 22 new jobs.

Southampton Students have reacted positively to the news of this third store, with Sprinkles addict Osaid Ayoubi looking forward to more of the best desserts in the city as well as the opportunity to desperately flirt with more of the ‘oddly cool’ staff.

Ben Taylor, a regular on the Sprinkles scene, summarised the restaurant perfectly: ‘It smells good, it looks good and it tastes great, what is not to love about Sprinkles’. An ever popular outing for students, this new Sprinkles store is just a new place for us to get our sugar rush in the most delicious way possible.