Southampton student handed a sketched out WhatsApp library love letter

It’s gone viral and 25,000 people have seen it

A Southampton student’s bold attempt to win over a library crush has gone viral on Twitter.

The romantic student, whose identity remains unknown, decided to pass over conventional methods of seduction like Tinder or verbal communication, and draw out a love letter as if it was a WhatsApp conversation.

On one side it said she had received a new message from his number, inviting her to unfold the piece of paper.

Inside it read: “Sorry to disturb your studies, but I really need to ask… would you like to have a coffee with me someday?”

It offered the responses “Sure! Why Not! Life is short :P” or “No thanks! I have a 7ft tall boyfriend :)”.

At the time of writing, her tweet revealing the love letter has over 25,000 retweets and 28,000 likes.

soton message

Naomi Lucking told the Soton Tab she “was a bit taken aback to be honest. I just awkwardly said ‘Sorry I have a boyfriend’ and went back to work. He looked pretty defeated – I feel bad now!

He was pretty confident, I think you’d have to be to go for quite such an all-out gesture, hopefully I haven’t knocked it!


“It was a bit odd but like I said, I definitely admire the creativity and there’s nothing wrong with trying something different even if it didn’t really work out.

“I was sat alone but there were plenty of other people around trying to peer over and yes, I do really have a boyfriend and he’s finding all this very amusing.


One user pointed out soon after it was originally tweeted that Naomi had left his number in the image, leading to several followers attempting to contact him. She confirmed she “didn’t even think to blank out his number” as she “had no idea it would end up going viral”.

The secret lover wasn’t happy with her response and hit back. He said: “First she was immature, she didn’t answer about her boyfriend or laugh, she just said no and was about to give me the card back and I said ‘No keep it, I made it for you.’

“After I did that for her and I went to my next lecture. I felt happy and relieved. I did something unique and I wasn’t heart broken, being a man also means that you might fail a couple of times trying to meet someone new.

“She was trying to humiliate me or I don’t know what she wanted to achieve, but what happened next was great.

“I received a call a few hours later after that, it was a girl who told me that this girl was trying to make something bad with the letter I gave to her, because my number was on the internet.

“After that messages start to arrive saying you are my hero, you are great! I would like a coffee! It was kind of cool.

“She is convinced that her post is great, but what people really loved was my idea,

“Why change [my number], I don’t feel destroyed, I am proud of what I did and people who care send me congrats all the time.

“I received invitations for coffee, but it was going to be hard going to Belgium just for that.”

Responses to the tweet have been mixed, with one user saying “this is kind of cringey but also really adorable”, while another said “That’s so creative, I love it”. One commented “that guy deserves a coffee date for that.”