Four in five Southampton students will get at least a 2:1

Students here are among the most likely in the country to get good grades

There has long been a  myth of it being more difficult to get 2:1s or Firsts at top universities, but new data suggests that may not be true

According to the Sunday Times Good University Guide, percentage chances of getting a top degree grade at Oxford or Cambridge are 92% or 89% respectively, with St Andrews fitting in between at 90%.

Other Russell Group universities such as Exeter, Durham and Bristol have seen over 80%, putting them in the top 10 of these institutions, along with UCL, Imperial, Birmingham and Bath.

And this good news is impacting Southampton too, with Uni of (sorry, Solent) boasting an 80% success rate of these grades, putting it in the top 20 of the list.

Meanwhile, Manchester are lagging behind with just over three-quarters of their students fitting into this category on 76%, while Liverpool sit in the bottom half of the universities included on the list with a rate of 75% of students achieving a 2:1 at least.

Just 60% of students at UCLan achieve a first or 2:1.