Gunman arrested in police raid

Police raided a residential tower block after residents saw a man with a gun.

Armed police officers were called to Millbrook tower on Windermere Avenue around 1pm after residents reported seeing a man with a gun on the 19th floor.

Police tape cropped

The tower, which is only a 9 minute drive from Southampton common, was surrounded by marked and unmarked police vehicles.

An eye-witness reported seeing police run up the stairs of the tower block with dogs. They told the Daily Echo “I heard someone on the 19th floor had a gun and police have gone up there with dog handlers,”

“It’s very dramatic seeing police with dogs like that.”

The suspected gunman was later seen being led out of the building by police and driven away.

Another eye-witness, Gary Smith from the local Food Barn convenience store, told the Daily Echo,

“I saw a white man in a coat and jeans being put into one of the cars.”

“It caught a lot of people’s attention who were out there looking. I heard someone had a weapon and possibly had some problems.”

Although it is not known whether the man lived in the apartments, it is thought that he knew people who lived in the block.

A woman on the top floor of the tower reported seeing armed police outside her flat. She said “There was a policeman standing there with a gun and he said ‘get back in the house and stay there.”

Hampshire police have refused to give any information on the matter.