Meet the third years who own a Bearded Dragon

It lives in a vivarium and eats crickets

The landlords don’t know about it, but third year Biology students Harry and Nauman own their very own dragon.

It’s not quite those big things in Harry Potter, and it doesn’t breathe fire, but it’s “like a really awesome dog”, which is better than the hamster you had in Year 8.

Harry told the Soton Tab “We kind of just wanted a dragon,

“We have to hide her on inspections, but it’s worth it.”



Bearded Dragons don’t have continuous digestive flow but when they do “go”, it’s a recipe for disaster. Even when they’re small.

They claim you can tell when they’re gearing up to unload it if they’re on you, so you have a chance to save yourself.


The dragon in question is called Suki, and is supposedly no trouble, although costly to maintain. She has to be kept in a vivarium which, if you don’t know, is an insulated tank with UV lighting, heating and things for the animal to climb.


It’s pretty big, so to hide it they have to throw a blanket over it and put a TV on top so that the wires don’t look so conspicuous.

Suki also has to be fed Crickets, which the boys are planning on breeding to reduce costs, although the noise means that they have to be kept outside.

“I wouldn’t advise getting one, or any pet, unless you have the money to do it.

“Also keep a couple of hundred quid spare in case she ever needs the vet!”

Dragons are actually really slow walkers, and this one can’t fly, so don’t expect to see her strutting up Portswood High Street any time soon. They also need to be kept in relatively warm conditions, so Southampton is probably not her ideal habitat.

The guy who they bought it off told them it was a girl, although apparently it can be a little bit awkward to check the genitalia, especially when they’re not tame, so they’re happy to assume for now.