Southampton Students WIll Earn £22,493 When They Graduate

We’re better than Birmingham, Newcastle and Manchester

A new study from the Sunday Times University Guide has shown that Southampton graduates earn an average of £22,493, placing us at number 24 on the rankings.

The top spots were taken by the high-ranking London universities, which beat out Cambridge and Oxford. The University of Lincoln edged out Solent and others to take the bottom spot, with their graduates averaging a mere £17,839.

Graduate pay
The surprise turnouts came from non-Russell Group unis such as Oxford Brookes and Aston who beat Exeter and Sheffield.
Fareed, third year law student, was underwhelmed, telling the Soton Tab “There are 24 universities in the Russell group and we’re 24th on the table, slightly concerning”, while third year history student Joel just said “I really don’t care”.