Student tries to crowdfund parking fine

Donations needed for a good cause.


Second year philosophy student , Sammy Brichard, is appealing to the charitable side of Southampton students on fundraising website Crowdfunder after his parking fine doubled in price.

In the latest incident in an “arduous and longstanding battle with the traffic wardens of Southampton City Council”, Sammy was fined £25. He claims in his defence that he “could hardly move my car as I was watching the rugby”

Sammy admits that he “completely ignored it for a good fortnight or so”, leading to the increase in cost from £25 to £50.

Crowdfunder allows people everywhere to raise money through word of mouth and the goodness of people’s hearts, and it’s a popular place for helping worthy causes everywhere.

And now, Sammy is relying on the public to bail out an “impoverished student”, but also hopes “we can put an end to the devestating punishment that could happen to anyone.”

The plaintiff added “Participating in this bizzare (sic) act of kindness will not only assist me financially but will be an invaluable part of the war on traffic wardens”.

He goes on to say donations would “cheer him up” from a “pretty awful hangover”. He stated that any good samaritans who pledged £50 “can literally just have [his] car…it’s yours”.

Ironically, Sammy’s cause does actually have a worthy motive: he says that if he gets his donation amount he will “crowd fund for as long as I am capable, raising funds to fight other peoples parking tickets”.

You can donate to Sammy’s campaign here.