Halloween for Dummies: Skeleton Make-Up

Not just for people with no-body to go with

Today’s the day! Halloween is finally here, and the Soton Tab have a third make-up tutorial for those who you who don’t have time to get a costume. All you need is white face paint and black facepaint or eyeliner or eyeshadow.



1) Wash and moisturise your face.


Step 1

2) Cover face and neck in white facepaint (including over lips and eyebrows).


Step 2

3) Draw and fill in black rings around eyes and end of nose. Draw a black line around the edge of your face, and draw and fill in curved triangle towards mouth as shown.


Step 3


Step 3 Cont.

4) Draw a black line from triangle points across the mouth. Create teeth by drawing verticle lines across this. Use lighter marks as shown around mouth and eyes to show hollows of skull.


Step 4

5) Paint entire neck black, leaving a number of white oval shapes as a spine. Continue black paint across shoulders/chest if desired.


Step 5

There you have it: a last-minute scary skeleton. Happy Halloween from the Soton Tab!

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