Halloween for Dummies: Leopard Make-Up

Change your spots with ease

Halloween in fast approaching, but if you’re still stuck for fancy dress ideas, don’t fear. This tutorial might not be so scary, but a cat is a simple choice for girls. Bristol uni has convinced us that there’s nothing wrong with donning animal ears this Halloween, so here’s a take on the common cat – for a freakier looking choice that works just as well for the boys!


This tutorial can be done with basic make-up so is works well as a last minute option.


This is all you will need!

  1. Start with a foundation base.

Step 1

2) Apply generous amounts of bronzer / brown eyeshadow over forehead. Using an eyeshadow brush, draw brown lines with eyeshadow down sides of nose and from hairline to mouth as shown.

Step 2

3) Pencil in eyebrows with brown eyeliner. Using black pencil/liquid eyeliner, fully line eyes, finishing with a flick.


Step 3

4) Again using black pencil/liquid eyeliner, draw on a nose, line from nose to mouth, and spots around mouth.


Step 4

5) Using an eyeshadow brush and brown eyeshadow, draw oval-shaped marks of different sizes all over forehead, cheeks and chin. Use a brown eyeliner pencil to draw ‘C’-shapes inside the marks to create leopard spots.


Step 5

6) Continue Step 5 down neck (and shoulder/arm if desired).


Step 6

7) Colour in lips with black eyeliner or black lipstick.


Step 7

8) Those with long hair can make two buns to create the illusion of ears – or just go with normal fancy dress cat ears.


Step 8

9) Now strike a pose and try to be scary…it is Halloween after all!