Nine amazing last minute Halloween costumes

Look good and save time

Today is the last day to buy costumes for all of those Halloween events that you have been invited to this weekend. But, you’re  probably still sitting at home watching Netflix wondering how you are going to pull together a jaw dropping outfit.

Whilst lazy Halloween costumes often come out looking pretty terrible, they’re better than wearing no costume at all. So instead of wasting your time deciding what to wear here are some ideas:

A ghost

Turning up as a ghost is always a classic and it is one of those costumes you just can’t go wrong with. It’s easy, all you need is a sheet, you don’t even need to make any eye holes.

Probably the scariest ghost ever seen

Harry Potter

Due to Harry Potter being so famous not only is this a quick costume but you will also be immediately recognised. Take a red lipstick and draw a scar, wear any pair of glasses and if you really want to stand out from the crowd you can wear a tie, but only if you’re trying.


A Cat

Cat costumes always seem to be a girls best friend at Halloween. Instead of buying a leotard or even cat ears, you can just draw on some whiskers with a pen or some eye liner.

Photo on 29-10-2015 at 20.45 #2
A Mummy
Everyone owns toilet roll (hopefully) so this costume will cost you absolutely nothing. However, keeping the toilet roll in place can be difficult especially if it is windy!
Torch Face
This one is self-explanatory and extremely scary.
Wearing contact lenses
Although lazy this will cost you a few pounds. But all you need to do is pop in some red contact lenses and put on some black lipstick and you’re ready for the party of the year.
Edward Scissorhands 
Two pairs of scissors and your outfit is complete. No one will know that it only took you 10 seconds to prepare.
 Bin Bag

This outfit will probably remind you of your childhood days when your parents forgot to buy you a Halloween costume. Just get a bin bag and make a hole for your head and two holes for your arms.

Photo on 29-10-2015 at 20.43 #6

Bin Bag #2

If you are being really lazy then you can just make a hole for your head and forget about the holes for your arms.

All of these outfits promise to make you the best dressed the weekend. So, good luck with your costumes!