Halloween for Dummies: Chelsea Smile

Put a smile on that face

If you’re a super huge fan of Halloween and love getting your scare on (but properly, not as a giant inflatable penis or in boring bunny lingerie) then this is the make-up tutorial for you. We asked Olivia Woolley, a student studying Specialist Hair and Make-up Media, to show us one of her best designs.


To create this look you will need the following products:

Nose and scar wax
Spirit Gum
Bruise wheel
Carving tools
(Stipple sponge)

A mirror is also preferred. Here’s what to do next:

1.) First of all, you need to clean and moisturise your face.

2.) Second, using the nose and scar wax, roll out two worm-like shapes and measure against your face to get the desired length.


3.) After this, apply the spirit gum onto your face where you want the scars to be. Tap the spirit gum until it becomes tacky, then stick on your rolls of worm and scar wax.


4.) Then with your finger or a flat edged tool, flatten out the edges of the wax. Be careful not to drag it too much as it may move the products. Blend it into your skin as much as possible for a more realistic look.


5.) Using your foundation, apply it all over your face so your skin matches the wax.

6.) After this use a sharp edged tool and carefully slice through the wax to begin making that split cheek illusion.



7.) With a small brush, colour in the incision you just made with a black or dark colour.



8.) Then using a bruise wheel or something of similar colours (purple, red, green, brown) apply around the cuts to show bruising.



9.) Finally, apply some blood inside and around the cuts. Olivia says less is more for this part so don’t cover up all your hard work!



And there you have it, one bloody-gory Chelsea Smile! If you want more looks or inspiration for SFX make-up visit Olivia’s Facebook page for more.

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