Southampton’s favourite sexual position is spooning

We’re also the kinkiest area in the country

According to a survey published recently, Southampton’s favourite sex position is spooning- and only 34% of us always use protection.


“You can be the big spoon.”

A poll by pharma company UK Medix has revealed that 38% of people in the South-East of England favoured spooning. The only area that loves spooning more is Scotland with 39%, while Wales overwhelmingly prefer doggy style, with 51% claiming it as their favourite.

Those surveyed from the South East, while averse to safe sex, considered themselves the kinkiest in Britain, rating themselves an average of 9 out of 10, with 0 being “completely traditional” and 10 being “extremely experimental”.

James, a third year English student, said “Who doesn’t love a good spoon? I dont think its necessarily surprising, but I think it is surprising that this isn’t the case everywhere. Maybe we are more affectionate and cuddly? We’re basically cats down here.

Anna, a second year Oceanographer, said “Definitely not my favourite. A lot of faff, and I like being in control.

The survey includes responses from 2,157 British people aged 18 or over, who had been sexually active for more than 12 months before the study. There was an equal split of male and female participants.

The Soton Tab‘s 2013 sex survey of over 1000 Southampton students showed 52% of students claim to use contraception all the time, with only 7% never using any.