University reduces printing costs

Ink-redible reductions.

In an attempt to encourage students to print double sided, and save paper at the university, it is now cheaper to print from University printers.

hartley library southampton

Students will be able to save 1p when printing double sided in black and white, and 2p when printing in colour.

The university hopes that this will motivate students to help save paper, as well as saving them money.

The new prices are:


5p single sided B&W

25p single sided Colour

4 ½ p double sided B&W

24p double sided Colour

A3 :

10p single sided for B&W

50p single sided Colour

9 ½ p double sided for B&W

48p double sided Colour

Charley-Hannah Rose Wall, a third year film student explained her desperate situation.

“Before, I just couldn’t afford to pay for my printing, it was starting to effect my degree. But thank God, these reductions may have actually saved me”.