Champagne Charlie’s opens new “bargain booze” shop

Southampton’s favourite shop owner has opened a new shop, and things will never be the same again.


In one of the most spectacular moments in Portswood history, Champagne Charlie’s has opened a swanky new sister store, known to admirers only as Charlie’s Bargain Booze. There are certain moments in life that leave you stunned, your first child, marriage, scoring a 40 yard screamer with your centre back on FIFA – this new shop must surely rank amongst such life changing moments.

Three time Oscar and Nobel Prize winner, and all round legend “Charlie” has already achieved cult status with many students for his first business endeavour in Southampton, and is like a loveable uncle to most, but looking around his new venture today – complete with free wine, samosas and cakes for his opening party, it’s fair to say that he has upped his game. For a start, the shop is almost twice the size, and has the stylish but understated décor of a man looking to the future.

With an even bigger selection of snacks, treats, drinks, “miscellaneous items” and a brand spanking new cash machine, it’s fair to say that Sainsbury’s should be running scared.

I had time to sit down with Charlie and ask him a few questions, dressed in a flashy pink Ralph Lauren shirt, and gold bracelets, we kept it concise as the man is no doubt busy building his empire, but from what I did get to speak to him about he seemed like a genuinely friendly bloke who is happy to be a part of the Portswood student community. When asked about said students, he said that they “made his job worthwhile, and are by far my most entertaining customers” – what a man.


In relation to the new shop, he said that it “would not be remaining open as late as Champagne Charlies, but will still be open until 11:30 most days.”

In the modern era, where hard working people often get swept under the rug by large companies driven solely by profit, it is brilliant to see a man, who is loved by so many and one of the most memorable figures in the student area doing well, and he is completely confident that students will continue to support his business owing to loyalty and the fact that he has “The bang bang deals, better than Tesco, better than Waitrose.”

Well Charlie, we salute you- Southampton’s very own Richard Branson.