SUSU oppose University plans for 24 hour library

A new chapter for the library.

SUSU sabbatical officers have attacked plans by the University to implement a 24 hour library for every day of the year. 

In a joint statement the VP Welfare, Sam Bailey, and VP Education, Shruti Verma, criticised the plans as being done without student consultation, and for not taking students welfare in to account.


SUSU have therefore decided to have a take a policy to propose a referendum to Union Council in reaction to the University’s approved plans to have a 24 hour library all year round.

If the university’s plans go ahead, from 2nd November 2015 until 5th June 2016, Hartley library will be open 24 hours, seven days a week.

Due to the removal of the government cap on university recruitment numbers there has been a struggle to accommodate the increased number of students at the University.

The University has responded to the strain on facilities by implementing the plans for a 24 hour library.

However, Sam Bailey and Shruti Verma have stated that “the University has acknowledged that this is a ‘quick fix’ to the overcrowding problems in Hartley Library due to the larger number of students recruited this year.”

The union was only informed about the plans, which are projected to cost approximately £84,000, ten days after the policy was passed by the university.

Considering the reports of students having to sit on stairs in lectures due to overcrowding, SUSU believes that students could benefit from £84,000 being spent on something else that students would prefer.

We spoke to Gabby Duncan, a third year Film student who said “I don’t think it will make much difference to the problems caused by the large amount of students.”

She went on to say “It’s like they’re telling students, I’m sorry you don’t have a seat in your lecture, you can catch up at 4am in the library.”

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