Bouncy Castle Rave coming to Southampton

Southampton welcomes Europe’s ‘Funderground’

The Bouncy Castle Rave is arriving here in Southampton at the end of this semester.

After seeing large success across Europe and in England, the self proclaimed ‘Funderground’ club night hosted by ‘Regression Sessions’ inspired by youthfulness and ‘regressing’ back to those childhood days is arriving for the first time ever in Southampton.


That’s right, one of the hottest club nights in the country has put Southampton on it’s tour list for the first time in its three year run, and will be at Switch on Saturday 12th December. So as a last night out this term, and one of this magnitude, it is not a night to be missed.

The whole night is a throwback especially for all the 90s kids out there, boasting everything from ball pits, bouncy castles, space hoppers and inflatable animals, through face painting, magicians and pass the parcel and also offering retro video games, giant Jenga and a Lego area. Add this to 3 vodka cokes and 2 tequila slammers and you’ll have quite a night on your hands.

And it’s not just inflatables and summer fete activities up for grabs either.

There’s also a big emphasis on music; on offer will be a combination of Drum n Bass, Hip Hop, House, Techno and UK Garage for a set list that is not only all encompassing, but will be expertly handled by one of the organisers Resident DJs.

So if you’re looking for that perfect blend of club night life and “unpretentious fun”, or if you’re just looking for one last blow-out with your housemates before returning home for potentially night-out-less Christmas, then this night is the place to be this winter.