Alma Road the most burgled street in Portswood

Alma, Livingstone and Westridge Road were burgled 45 times last year.

A Soton Tab investigation has found that the number of reported burglaries that take took place in Portswood last year was an astonishing 96.

Between September 2014 to August 2015, there was a rise of 28 burglaries from the previous 12 months.

Alma Road, Livingstone Road and Westridge Road, which contains the notorious drug-laden car park, are the prime Portswood crime hot spots.

World's worst thief.

World’s worst thief.

Almost half of the burglaries occurred on these three roads out of the 19 streets that fell victim to a burglary in the Portswood area.

Alma Road only managed three burglary-free months last year.

Southampton student Jess, who lived on Alma Road last year, unsurprisingly said that she felt insecure in her home.

She told the Soton Tab: ‘I witnessed people roaming the road attempting to break into houses. I hated being home alone. I felt too scared to leave my room, even to go to the bathroom’.

These results are hard evidence that the correlation between Portswood and crime is still an ongoing concern.

Westridge Road was recently named in the Top 50 streets for crime in England

This follows on from the results in June that showed that Westridge Road was 37th in the Top 50 crime hotspots in the country.

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