What to wear out in Southampton

Picking an outfit for a Southampton night out will become second nature to you. However, as a fresher, your choice of clothes might seem like a big decision. In reality pretty […]

Picking an outfit for a Southampton night out will become second nature to you.

However, as a fresher, your choice of clothes might seem like a big decision. In reality pretty much anything goes in Southampton, from fancy dress to fancy dresses, but for those new to the town here’s the Soton Tab guide of what to wear where.


Its reputation for being one of the country’s worst nightclubs precedes it, but nevertheless, Jesters is guaranteed to be rammed full of students every Monday from Freshers Week until graduation day. It’s like Marmite (you’ll either love it or hate it) but regardless, you’ll be there in your first few weeks at Southampton. Anything goes outfit-wise in Jesters, mainly because it’s the usual destination of those on fancy-dress socials, and also since – two Jesticles later – no-one will be sober enough to notice what you look like anyway. Starting the semester with a pair of dedicated Jesters shoes is a must though, unless you want your best creps soaked and soiled.

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These won’t still be white by the end of the semester…


Whilst also home to socials of all sorts, Sobar is generally a bit more upmarket than Jesters. Boys, you’ll get away with a T-shirt and jeans; girls, opt for shorts or a skirt if you’re feeling fancy. A choice of flat shoes will be a decision you definitely won’t regret when climbing the outside staircase. If it’s raining then take a jacket because you’ll definitely be outside for most of the night (be it in the queue or the smoking area), but apart from that casual attire is sufficient.

Standard Sobar attire

Standard Sobar attire

Bedford Place

Backdrop to the famous fresher’s Bloc Party and the Big Night Out, Bedford Place is an area including Buddha Lounge, Tokyo, Popworld and Orange Rooms. As they’re often the destinations of locals as well as students, the typical attire at these bars and clubs includes a variety of smart and smart casual. Any guys will be appropriate in either a T-shirt or shirt, but ditch your hoodie on this occasion. For the girls, anything from jeans and a nice top to a dress is suitable.

Reppin' the Big Night Out

Reppin’ the Big Night Out



The hosts of Warehouse Presents events every week, Switch Saturdays is the destination of house music lovers. In true hipster-style, think wavey patterned jackets, chokers and bum-bags galore. For a standard Friday, Switch is the classiest a student night gets, so feel free to glam up. For girls, heels are welcome but don’t be surprised to see others opting for the comfier choice of trainers or flats.

Embracing house night at Switch

Embracing house night at Switch


If there’s anywhere to make an effort it has to be Southampton’s biggest nightclub. Oceana is a taxi ride away from most halls and student homes, so coats and flats can be left at home. Although trainers are allowed for boys on student nights, many take the opportunity to dress up with a shirt and shoes. Girls, bring out the dresses and heels (or at least heeled boots) for a more sophisticated night out.


Blag your way into VIP for obligatory Grey Goose photo opp

Blag your way into VIP for the obligatory Grey Goose photo opportunity

Of course, we at the Tab can only let you know a clubber’s typical night out attire – you’ll soon see for yourself that anything goes in Southampton, so what you wear where is totally up to you!