INTERVIEW: VP Democracy and Creative Industries

With the 2015 SUSU elections just around the corner it’s time for another candidate interview. Today, we hear from the two candidates applying for the position of VP Democracy and […]

With the 2015 SUSU elections just around the corner it’s time for another candidate interview. Today, we hear from the two candidates applying for the position of VP Democracy and Creative Industries: Kerry Sclater and Chris McGeehan. 

dci candidates

Why did you decide to apply for the role?

Kerry: I have always been heavily involved with SUSU (especially the media departments) since the start of my time here, so I’ve always been passionate about Creative Industries here. I decided to apply for the role so I can really address the lack of transparency in SUSU and make sure we do the best to truly represent our students in the democracy and creative industries zone.

Chris: I decided to apply for the role because I would love the opportunity to spend a year working full time for students, improving how SUSU helps them accomplish everything they can. And because I would be good at the job.

Democracy or Creative industries? What do you feel is more important and why?

Kerry: Obviously I think both are equally important, but honestly I think that the democracy zone is in more need of development at this point in time.

Chris: I definitely don’t see this as an either-or. While Democracy includes student groups, and all the democratic processes of the union, Creative Industries has the five union groups and Performing Arts. Both areas are very important, and both of them have a big impact on our members, just in very different ways, so I think they both need a lot of attention.

What makes you the best candidate for the position of VP DCI?

Kerry: On top of the experience I have, I am the best candidate because I am approachable, dedicated, and organised, and my manifesto lays out realistic and achievable plans that truly reflect the student voice.

Chris: I’m the only candidate who has experience in both areas, having been a voting member on Creative Industries Zone Committee last year, and Democracy Zone Committee currently. This means I can give both areas the attention they deserve, and I will take the supporting and strategic view that sabbatical officers need to take, while allowing the student leaders in the zones to accomplish what they want to.

How do you intend to improve the Creative Industries in the university?

Kerry: Overall, my goals for Creative Industries centre around training, support, recognition and an emphasis on employability. Having said this, a lot of my plans will be developed from what the student leaders and volunteers want for their departments, seen as I see myself as an enabler of their voice, not as someone who will take over their societies.

Chris: I’d like to leave after my term knowing that I’ve helped put in place and develop plans, strategies and finances to allow Creative Industries to continue to climb towards professional equipment, content and productions. I’d feel successful if in the future students come to the uni partly because of CI here, if all students know of and enjoy CI in some form while they’re here, and leave proud of what they’ve done in CI.

How well do you feel democracy is implemented in SUSU, and how do you plan to improve it?

Kerry: As my manifesto outlines, I think there are serious issues in democracy in SUSU, mainly with a lack of transparency and engagement; we need democracy to change in order to reflect the varied student voice it seeks to represent. My plans involve a complete reevaluation, launching a survey into what students think of democracy, and also creating a integrated multimedia campaign to raise awareness, understanding and engagement amongst students.

Chris: Some aspects are good, some are not. A lot of it is hard work, especially for the average student, and that’s a problem. Another problem is union council. It doesn’t do very well at holding officers to account or enforcing policy, nor at allowing wider issues to be debated by all interested students. I think taking those roles of union council away and dealing with them separately will improve both dramatically.

You’ve got 24 hours before the world ends, what do you do?

Kerry: It really depends on the situation, I would probably go on a tour of the country going to see all of my friends, family, and most importantly my dog. Then I would probably drive to my favourite cities and the beach and consume my body weight in food and drink.

Chris: See my mum and dad. Eat several delicious meals. Cuddle my dog. Dance.

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Kerry: Unfertilised.

Chris: With a kiss.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how hairy is your arse?

Kerry: It’s not my arse you should be worried about.

Chris: 5 – Got any shaving tips?

Who do you think is the best choice for VP Democracy and Creative Industries? Is either candidate worthy of your vote? Let us know in the Poll or the comments below!