Southampton Sports Socials UNCOVERED! (Part two)

We all saw the grim details of Southampton Sports Socials UNCOVERED part 1 BUT WAIT. It gets so much worse… Want to read about a certain team member chundering on a freshers […]

We all saw the grim details of Southampton Sports Socials UNCOVERED part 1 BUT WAIT. It gets so much worse…

Want to read about a certain team member chundering on a freshers back? A team member getting ARRESTED in Clowns? Read on…

Sometimes things get ‘taken’ too far on socials…

“I know [one team]  have done a whole squad naked mile through Portswood [and] have a three pint rule in Clowns that means they have to have a pint in their hands, and two on the table within reach at all times.”

“But I was in clowns and saw one of them got arrested, turns out one of their [challenges] was to steal a bike. They did, but obviously then got caught and arrested!”

There’s nothing quite like the support of a home crowd: 

As seen from an unsuspecting freshers’ bedroom window:

“The second years dressed up as farmers or safari leaders, and the freshers were dressed as animals. They were made to down a pint with a dead fish in it. The first years were made to crawl on all fours eating grass- which by this point was pretty puke covered. One second year threw up on freshers back. 

They were doing a joint social with a women’s sport team – one task was to get their bras.

There was A LOT of nudity… My window was mirrored so they couldn’t see in, but I don’t think they understood we could see out! I have so many pictures of unsuspecting naked boys’ willies!”

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Soton Tab have him covered

This sports team makes sure their members are cruisin’ for a boozin’:

“You’re not really anything until second year, you’re like pond scum to them. There was the port to port challenge, where we went to the isle of Wight and then a couple of nominated people had to down a bottle of port at both ports. Who was nominated was basically down to who wasn’t already pretty drunk… or who was being a bit of a wet wipe”

“The seniors just went out of their way to get us absolutely fucked up. You need to prove yourself all year before you really get into the club [Laughs]. But you bond with all the other freshers of course!”

“[We had] the usual drinking game punishments and stuff. Also a pretty crazy pub crawl which ended up on the Isle of White.”

We’re guessing no dietary requirements form preceded this social:

“Someone was lactose intolerant so their partner had to drink all his milk for their milk challenge. The huge ones… eight pints coloured green – vomit everywhere”

What's all this without food? One sports team told their members to bring 15 grams of cheese, two thirds full of a tub of Vaseline.. and even 13 tins of baked beans

What’s all this without food? Members were told to bring 15 grams of cheese, a two thirds full of a tub of Vaseline and 13 tins of baked beans to their social

‘Bin’ there, done that? One fresher gave us an inside view…

“The worst we’ve had is someone had to down a bin with a large amount of alcohol in it. I had to drink a pint out of my shoe. Most of the challenges are saved until you go on tour with the team.”

This MEN’s sports team doesn’t bother with matching attire on socials:

“We were each assigned a second or third year as a parent. Basically we had to wear whatever outfit they had bought us.  Somebody had to go in a wedding dress.”

Real men wear pink after all

Real men wear pink after all

Collaboration is key for these teams: 

“On a joint social with a men’s team the girls had to get the pants off the boys. As most of them were naked anyway, it was pretty easy”

“For our first social we had to do a three-legged bar crawl through Portswood… I had to take this boy to the toilet with me in Wild Lime [because] I couldn’t hold it any longer!”

So there we are. The dirtiest, most disgusting and downright hilarious socials stories our University sports teams have to offer.

Some people may be shrinking back in horror at the things they’ve read, but don’t worry; courtesy of SUSU, all University sports teams must have at least one sober social. Most of the sports teams wanted to stress that people aren’t forced to participate, and are only encouraged to drink if they are comfortable to do so.

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