Jesters As Venue For Lily Allen Parody Video

Jesters became the venue of choice for a lad parody of Lily Allen’s ‘Hard Out Here’ video. The video was created by UK urban-acoustic artist RemedySounds and released on Thursday […]

Jesters became the venue of choice for a lad parody of Lily Allen’s ‘Hard Out Here’ video.

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The video was created by UK urban-acoustic artist RemedySounds and released on Thursday evening for all to enjoy. The self-confessed “fun and honest musician” creates all his music via beatbox, guitar and effects pedals organically. He’s supported the likes of Chase and Status, Labrinth, Katy B, Wiley, JLS and Tinchy Stryder.

Remedysounds played an acoustic set at the cider festival this year and is also set to return next year to headline the 2014 cider festival. When asked why he chose Jesters as the place to film his video, Remedysounds said how all his nights there have been amazing and confessed:

I’ve been slapped in the face by a ‘One Directioner’ right on the dance floor! Jesters also played a part in an epic sticky floor ‘dance off’ to which I nailed the opposition with a well timed backflip that included me launching out of my shoes and re-landing back in my ‘too small to be men’s’ size 7’s and becoming an official hero to all dance off extraordinaires.

The video features some classic dancemoves

The video features some classic dancemoves

Lily Allen’s words on discrimination and the objectification of women in the music industry caused much discussion when released; Remedysounds agrees with this and believes it’s men’s fault that women are objectified and have barriers.

‘Hard Out Here (for a dick)’ is written for the men that make women feel like that, usually those who fake tan, have over-done hair and wear low cut tops, known as the ‘One Direction-ers’. Remedysounds believes these men centre everything around sex, without any consideration for women’s feelings and hopes the song helps guys to recognise this. When questioned about the reasoning behind the video, Remedysounds said:

Equal rights seems to be something we all assume to be active within our society in modern day England at least. However it’s become very clear to me as an adult man that people are treated not so equally AT ALL.

An example of the type of active discrimination I’m referencing is simple issue’s like ’90 Degrees’ the Southampton based nightclub that charges men an extortionate entry fee and allows women in for free to boost popularity. Although this may seem petty to most, we all have equal pay and are equally restricted or be it privileged by our lack of choice with our gender and therefore shouldn’t be discriminated by it.

Other types of discrimination include calling women – ‘bitches’, ‘sluts’, ‘slags’, etc. A recent study shows that men have roughly 10-15 derogatory ways to describe their female counter parts. Macklemore – “we’ve become so numb to what we’re saying” has been the only outspoken celebrity, alongside Russell Brand and of course Lily Allen (who in my opinion has selfishly taken a very one sided view of sexism, valid none the less) to actually address these types of issues.

Despite never intending to get mixed up with politics and freedom fighting, Remedysounds believes that through music we can voice what we really think without worrying about being too ‘politically correct’. They also believe that finding the right platform for talented people to do so has become the issue.

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