FRESHERS' WEEK: Things to remember

The most exciting time of your life is a matter of weeks away! Everyone is raving about how much you have to look forward to, how much there is going […]

The most exciting time of your life is a matter of weeks away! Everyone is raving about how much you have to look forward to, how much there is going on, and how many brand new people you’re going to meet. But how do you go about actually preparing for what will probably be the most unpredictable week you’ve ever had? On top of all the basic and most obvious things that you need to bring with you, here are a few things (learnt from personal experience) that will also be essential.

A doorstop

Hear me out on this seemingly boring introductory item. You’ll find that halls have annoying fire doors, the type which shut on their own (damn health & safety, eh?). Needless to say, this is one of the worst things imaginable when you’re trying to make friends whom you could potentially keep for life. Therefore, bringing a spare doorstop from home would make your life a lot easier for people popping in and out of your new room.

Face Paint

Maybe not that much face paint

Got your Freshers week timetable to hand? I can guarantee you now that whatever halls or house you are in, your JCR will have arranged some kind of fancy dress or tight-and-bright night for freshers week. Face paint is a must for this inevitable event: not only will it provide all sorts of hilarious body art, but it can also be a massive ice-breaker.

Passport photos

You will find during Freshers week that you will be re-registering pretty much every aspect of your existence, and photo ID will be essential: your residency card (if you’re in halls), a new doctor, and your all-important Jesters card will all require a passport photo (as far as the latter is concerned – don’t worry if it’s not a picture of yourself….any old Google image will do- the funnier the better!)

Jesters Shoes

After one year of Jesters abuse, perhaps it’s time to let go?

If you’ve not heard of this place, you soon will! Here at Southampton Uni we pride ourselves on having the worst nightclub in the country (it was the 3rd worst, but then the 2nd worst got shut down and the worst burnt down). There’s no dresscode, there’s a stinge in the air that can only be described as sewage, and best of all, the pints are 50p on Mondays: welcome to Jesters

Your 4th essential object is a cheap pair of shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty and smelly (and preferably that you can wipe clean!), but also that won’t hurt your feet in the mosh-pit of a dancefloor. Girls, head to New Look, Primani, or Peacocks and get yourselves a cheap pair of pumps, and guys, trainers will do; by second and third year, you will have adapted a cut-the-crap attitude and hit the wellies, as all the staff at the Palace of Dreams do.

Something to remind you of home.

Despite being the most action-packed and exciting time of year, Freshers can be lonely for some people – it’s only natural, after all! Make sure you remember a photo collage or some old letters to remind you of the people you grew up with, both to save you getting homesick and to make sure you don’t get carried away and neglect friends from home.