Freshers Warned Against FAKE Tickets… AGAIN

Another year and as of yet, not another Voodoo closure, instead another swarm of scams as promoters attempt to lure incoming Freshers to purchase tickets for events that may never […]

Another year and as of yet, not another Voodoo closure, instead another swarm of scams as promoters attempt to lure incoming Freshers to purchase tickets for events that may never happen, at potentially huge cost.

Although Facebook groups are a great way to meet new people and ask questions about University life, many are popping up that are now advertising unofficial Freshers tickets. This is opposed to the official Southampton University Freshers page ran by SUSU. When searching ‘Southampton Freshers’ on Facebook, numerous pages are found, including:

Official University of Southampton Freshers 2013-2014

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON FRESHERS 2013‘ and ‘Southampton Freshers 2013‘ advertising the ‘Fresher than Your Average’ events.

University of Southampton Freshers 2013- 2014which claims to be linked to SUSU and the official Halls groups.

These are the most popular groups, although there are plenty more out there and sure enough more will pop up. Advice is to remove yourself from these groups or just not join them. Unfortunately, if tickets advertised by external companies have been purchased, there is not much that can be done! All of these groups have been reported, however they are yet to be deleted by the Facebook Gods. Official tickets for the University of Southampton go on sale at the beginning of September, when all places are confirmed, from the SUSU Box Office, where personal university log-ins and secure payment processing is used.

Official SUSU Freshers 2013/ 2014 Logos

Official SUSU Freshers 2013/ 2014 Logos

David Gilani, SUSU President said:

We want to give clear information to students about where they CAN buy official tickets and get information. Imitations will always be a concern for incoming students, but the support and advice from current students is the best weapon against them.

Its also important to make the distinction between the official University of Southampton group and the official Southampton Solent group, both of which organise separate events for their Freshers. The competitiveness between the two would make it extremely awkward to turn up to the wrong university’s events!

Freshers event information from SUSU is yet to be released, but we’ve heard big things are in the pipeline and, once again, an amazing Freshers week will be put on for all students at the University. Whilst other events are run by other companies and clubs in the area, the official SUSU Freshers Week is often the biggest and best as JCRs, made up of other students, spend months planning events within halls and with the Students Union for the freshers’ arrival. Don’t be put off by the ‘one week’ either, the second week into Freshers is handed over to societies, sports clubs and the ever popular Jesters and Sobar where it continues!

Fake Freshers tickets are a nationwide issue every year and students are again reminded to never give out card or payment information to people and companies they do not know or trust. If it doesn’t come from the SUSU website, where all the official Freshers information from the University of Southampton’s Student Union can be found, then chances are it’s not real.

David Gunns, JCR Officer said:

Don’t fall for these shoddy promotions: Despite what they say freshers events never sell out before Freshers Week – and it’s best to wait till SUSU has released its official timetable before parting with your hard-earned cash. You don’t wanna be the only one who paid to see an act or go to an event when everyone else decides to take a night off!

If you have any questions, post in the comments or on the Official SUSU 2013/14 Freshers Facebook page where there are regular updates on tickets, event information and issues with fake, external companies. Don’t forget to answer on our poll on as to whether you have been tricked by the promoters before or not.

Remember to spread the word, it’s the only way problems can be avoided! For updates on all Freshers information and news follow @yoursusu , @sotontab on Twitter and like SUSU and SotonTab on Facebook.