Geography: It's Not All Crayola

Many people have preconceptions about Geography students; that we do no work, it’s a doss and that crayons form a major part of our actual diet. On top of this, […]

Many people have preconceptions about Geography students; that we do no work, it’s a doss and that crayons form a major part of our actual diet. On top of this, other students consider the subject to be boring… admittedly, there are some boring aspects, for instance learning about soils and sand or about Fordism. However there are some definite perks when you study Geography!

A day out in some subjects normally refers to leaving your lab or letting your dirty spots dry out in the rare Southampton Sun, whilst walking between buildings in your 1 hour break in your busy schedule of 9-6 lectures. Well, Geographers take this to a whole new level. It’s compulsory to take a field trip in your second year. BA students get the choice between Paris and Amsterdam (I think it’s pretty obvious which city I chose!).

We were ‘forced’ to experience the city – bet you’re jealous now. With this, the work which was carried out was actually enjoyed by all that it felt like a holiday! But wait, there’s more! BSc students have the choice between Tenerife and Picos (Spain, for those that have no geographical knowledge). Being forced to sit around a pool and top up your tan so that you don’t fail your degree is definitely a plus. You can even take an optional module in your third year to do it all again!

Studying Geography also permits you to become a member of the massively popular GeogSoc. Not only do they organise some of the most talked about socials, but they hold 2 massive balls a year. The Christmas ball is a black tie affair, with a 3 course meal and other attractions, being a member means you save a lot of money on the ticket. On top of this ball comes the highly enjoyable Summer Boat Ball, again black tie and including drinks and an entertaining cruise on one of Southampton’s finest vessels around the Solent. This just shows that Geographers, not only study hard but party harder!

Anyone for model making?

Anyone for model making?

For those that care, mainly because you’re on a course consisting of all guys and the odd girl, that you’re not sure if they’re just a long haired Metallica fan, geography consists of about 65% girls. Go on, come into a lecture and check!

Living up to the cliché, geographers do also get set assignments which require the odd colouring pencil. These are obviously key life skills that will be needed in later life, so why not be assessed on them now? Some modules require you to make a poster, which is not just informative but colourful.

Oh no, these are not just restricted to first years. Second years often have to replicate this task whilst also making a scrap book about their own homes. There you are thinking how dull, but oh wait, in third year you get to make a model village! Even I am surprised at this. As I was walking around the Geography building, I found a number of model villages, I thought they’d had a school in or something, until I realised the poster above it named a third year module. Check the picture out for yourself; I think I know what modules I’ll be choosing for next year!

These are just a few perks behind being a Geography student!

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