Interview: Made In Chelsea Stars at The Cube

For one of the Friday nights at the Cube, SUSU bagged Spencer, Binky and Stevie from Made In Chelsea to make an appearance and take photos with screaming girls and […]

For one of the Friday nights at the Cube, SUSU bagged Spencer, Binky and Stevie from Made In Chelsea to make an appearance and take photos with screaming girls and desperate guys (at least that’s how it seemed somehow). Despite never watching the show, much to my surprise all three were genuinely really nice and were happy to talk to anyone and everyone.

L-R: Stevie, Me, Spencer, Jess, Alice and Laura

L-R: Stevie, Me, Spencer, Jess, Alice and Laura

After sipping their Moet and shotting the Grey Goose SUSU had provided, Alice, Jess and Laura (2 of my best friends who are true die-hard fans) and myself managed to chat to Stevie who gave us a true insight into Chelsea life. We had a chat with Binky and Spencer, but Stevie took a particular liking to us and here is what he had to say after telling us how he loved The Tab and the controversy it causes.

So, did you go to university?

Yes to Leeds to do management and marketing.

What do you think about the Pope’s resignation?

I think it’s a bit of the joke seeming as there hasn’t been a resignation in the last 400 years.

Who do you think is going to be the next Pope?

I’m Catholic so I don’t know who will be. But I understand he is old however you should never resign as Pope.

I’m glad you know your stuff! Does everyone that watches Made in Chelsea know you are Catholic?

No, I don’t think anyone that watches it knows I am Catholic. I don’t really go in with the Catholic stamp on my forehead saying “look at me, I’m Catholic”

Massive question on everyone’s minds: Is Made in Chelsea real?

Of course it’s real! I don’t get sent a script or anything.

Does it have serious implications for your life? As in when you fall out with people?

I hope not. But we do actually fall out in real life, of course. However I have never really fallen out with anyone.

Aww so you’re a nice guy!

I had to film a scene with Spencer the other day and I was very worried about it because I am very close with him and it was quite a ‘badman’ thing I had to do, but it turned out alright.

So, do you like being on the show?

Yeah, it’s fun!

Whats been your favourite part?

I loved it when we got flown out to St Tropez for the start of series four which was pretty good! And also episode 4 from last series where we’re all in Weymouth at this castle during the heatwave at the end of September and we were literally in this incredible place on the water for about 3 or 4 days… and then I streaked.

Have you got a photo of that for me?

I don’t personally, but there will be one out there somewhere.

Some people really want to know how did you get on the show?

I was approached for series two, I had literally just finished uni and I didn’t think it was for me and then I got approached to be on series four and I found out Andy [Jordan] had also been approached and I thought ‘fuck it’, if you’re going to do it you might as well do it together.

So are you guys all friends?

Yeah we lived together at uni for four years as well as with Sam.

Aww, that’s so nice! Is there anyone that you have taken a particular liking to?

When I joined, I actually really fancied Binky cause I didn’t know her! But now we have got very close to her and we are very good friends. And then there are a couple of new girls this series who have caught the eye potentially, and then I’ll tell you someone who a lot of people don’t like but who is actually a really great girl is Lucy Watson, she’s great! She won’t get annoyed at me for telling you this because it’s true. The way she comes across on camera is identical to what she is like when you first meet her in real life. I’ve introduced her to my family and she’s quite blunt and quite rude but what once you get through that with her, she’s a great girl. We’re so close and we have a great time together, I’ve got a lot of time for her.

Do you feel like what’s show is an accurate portrayal of yourself?

Of me? Yeah, definitely.

I think you’re a nice guy!

Yeah, I am. I filmed a lot of scenes that weren’t shown at the end of the last series which is fine but the way I am edited is a pretty good representation.

What is the best thing to come out of the next episodes of Made in Chelsea?

I can’t really tell you, but I am going to tell you that shit hits the fan, like, big time.

When is it back?

April, so in a month.

Can you give us any ideas AT ALL?

A lot of… arguments!

One last and very important question (from Alice), Soton Tab or Wessex Scene?

*In a very, very loud voice* SOTON TAB!

I think Stevie taught us that if you’re still at uni, there’s hope yet, that Lucy’s are usually very rude and that posh people actually say “but” more that “yarh”. He was genuinely a really nice guy, as was Spencer and Binky a nice girl. It was surprising to see them wandering around the Cube chatting to people, taking photos and dancing around, when there is a perception that they are going to be rude and snobby!

As you can see, I am far to excited about meeting someone I have never heard of before

As you can see, I am far too excited about meeting someone I have never heard of before