Pointless Questions with Pointless Positions: Part 2

This second episode has VP Sports, VP Communities and VP DCI answering some stupid questions. See part one here. Firstly that all important VP Sports, they may not be into […]

This second episode has VP Sports, VP Communities and VP DCI answering some stupid questions. See part one here. Firstly that all important VP Sports, they may not be into SUSU politics, but they sure as hell are fit.

Kate Williams who said she would snog Johnny Brooks and avoid our very own Luke O’Brien and Alex Bees. Shes a hockey girl through and through, made a resolution to put less salt on her food and took a gap year to work and travel, clearly someone who lives on the edge. Best of all, apparently she has a purse specifically for the famous Chick’O Land chicken wrap…

Evan Whyte just keeps surprising me! Despite being the ‘Karate Kid’, he actually prefers football and vows to help Newcastle ‘stay up’ with his arm-chair support. His favourite drink is a Strawberry Brothers and he can usually be found in Orange Rooms matching his classy aspiration of becoming and Intellectual Property Solicitor. Strangely enough, he believes the most attractive member of his campaign team is…a penguin.

Alex Mortlock whose favourite drink is milk and he wants to be a ski instructor, how very sporting. He once rode a bull, enjoys a night out in Oceana and would do a French degree if he had to choose anything other than colouring Geography. The worst rumour he ever heard was that he doesn’t wake up with his hair looking flawless, does Alex have the hair that the AU needs?

Sam Crabb our resident Ping Pong player does discos for weddings and old people in his spare time and is graduating for the second time this year. He once walked in on two people doing the dirty in Orange Rooms toilets and fainted twice in his test the morning after his first ever AU Wednesday at Jesters. He last went on holiday to Zante and has most in common with Chloe Green because they went to the same sixth form…he didn’t expand further.

Next is VP Communities whom will be looking after your sites, JCRs as well as international, mature and postgraduate students.

Oli Coles is famous throughout SUSU bars and previous Monte president where he was in the same year as Gilani. He wants to learn Portuguese this year as well as graduating and is famous for falling down the stairs in Sobar on most visits there. Oli would define SUSU as “sleepy cuddly cat” and says that I am a Social Media Queen, does this give him enough to become your VP Communities?

James Brant, currently seen as an Anchorman, enjoys a Scotch Whiskey and watching Scrubs.  He sees his degree to have no relevance to the role he is going for and once split his jeans in a nightclub due to over enthusiastic lunging. He referred to “diplomacy” when asked who was the hottest person in his campaign team and would write ‘construction site’ at the top of the Maths tower if possible.

Lastly VP Democracy and Creative Industries, looking after media and all things political at SUSU.

Dave Martin made a resolution to keep a diary this year (he’s broken it already) and is one of the only candidates to be in a relationship (sorry ladies). He diagnosed me with Obsessive Compulsive Tweeting Disorder and once heard a rumour that he had stabbed two people and gone into hiding, later commenting “yeah, that was weird”. In reference to his pincode, David believes numbers are overrated and shares a love of music, democracy and media with Gilani.

Jon North has been told he is hilarious to watch when he plays football (he has very long legs) and wanted to cut back on his intake of energy drinks, but it apparently isn’t going very well. He questioned as to whether he could trust me when I asked for his pincode but sure enough gave it to me (1337). I was thrilled when he described me as “Southampton’s resident turtle” and it was once speculated that he was batman.

Hope this helps with you getting to know the things that really matter about the candidates! Up next VP Engagement and VP Welfare.