Elections 2013: Predictions

The names are out, the list of candidates for the SUSU Sabbatical Elections was officially published on Friday after rumours from us. This year there was some intrigue, with some […]

The names are out, the list of candidates for the SUSU Sabbatical Elections was officially published on Friday after rumours from us. This year there was some intrigue, with some candidates swapping and changing roles before nominations had even opened! As always, there were some familiar faces, some not so familiar and a few last minute curveballs. Read on for some educated, and not so educated, guesses on who will win the ultimate campus popularity contest.


  • Sophie Bradfield
  • David Cattermole
  • Michelle Dando
  • Jim Dykes
  • David Gilani
  • Ellis Sims
  • Peter ‘Peewee’ Ward

The big dog. After last year’s one two horse race, it’s good to see some competition for the number one role in SUSU. Re-running David G has the obvious initial advantage, but with rumours of Peewee being groomed by Sam all year things aren’t so clear cut. Ellis Sims also has the possibility of being a dark horse, so keep an eye on him. My money at this stage is on Gilani.


VP Democracy and Creative Industries:

  • David Martin
  • Jon North

The only role to not feature a female candidate, the awkardly titled VP DCI is in charge of SUSU media and the boring constitutional aspects of the Union. After jumping ship from President, David Martin is up against Jon North. SUSU Media vs Performing Arts, both have a big reach. I’d say David has the best chance of winning.


VP Education:

  • David Mendoza-Wolfson
  • Dessie Nedyalkova

Only two candidates want to take over from Sasha’s two year tenure. Understandable, it’s not the sexiest role but is probably the most important one beside president. Dessie has the SUSU academic representation experience, but past results show that’s not essential. David is coming from a more political background, maybe that’ll be an advantage when wheeling and dealing with the University higher-ups. Based only on her CV as Management Academic President, Dessie seems to be at an initial advantage.


VP Engagement:

  • Fiona Cook
  • Claire Gilbert
  • Adam Moloney

Dubbed by our commenters “VP Fuck All”, this role is another new-ish one developed by SUSU’s continual constitutional re-jig. I’d say Claire’s Performing Arts background puts her ahead now, with the possibility of Adam and Fiona splitting the RAG vote between them.


VP Sports Development:

  • Sam Crabb
  • Alex Mortlock
  • Kate Williams
  • Evan Whyte

Couple of curve balls from intra-mural sports in the form of Evan and Alex. After this year’s ravaging of intra-mural, it’s not surprising. Sam is the only Post-Grad running in the sabbatical elections which could put an interesting spin on his manifesto. Kate will have the hockey team’s backing, and as one of the largest AU Clubs, I’d say that is a strong head start.


VP Student Communities:

  • James Brant
  • Oli Coles
  • Jess Taylor

Student Communities is a pretty vague name, this sabb will basically look after Winchester and Sites students, along with having responsibility for JCR committees shoved in the mix too. James is a former trustee and heavily involved in societies with a lot of international students. That’s a pretty disengaged group, so harnessing their votes is important. Jess is a student from WSA, good to see someone from their running in the elections! But Oli, as a former JCR president and definite SUSU insider, has the edge for me now.


VP Welfare:

  • Jared Anderson
  • Sophie Brewer
  • Josh Cox
  • Josie Torrice
  • Beckie Thomas

Well contested position here, which is quite surprising. Josh Cox, current Environment and Ethics Officer , probably has the best CV for the Welfare role, but faces strong competition from Josie, Sophie and Jared. Can’t say I know anything about Beckie, perhaps someone can enlighten us in the comments? Initial bets to go on Sophie.


As campaigning hots up, The Tab will be bringing you all the news, gossip and actual analysis on each of the candidates. Keep your eyes on us for the most interesting elections coverage around!