Valentines Special: The BEST Valentines Gifts Guide

Whether you like it or not, love is all around us and Turtle Bay no longer becomes the only ‘date destination’ in Southampton. After hours of research, I have complied a list […]

Whether you like it or not, love is all around us and Turtle Bay no longer becomes the only ‘date destination’ in Southampton. After hours of research, I have complied a list of the best (with the worst coming soon) Valentine’s gifts as advice on what to get a loved one, a way to judge how hopeless your loved one is, or just to annoy you further about the fact you don’t have a loved one.

The top tips are to not go all out and spend £2000 (save that for a birthday) but to think of something meaningful and that would bring a smile to their face. Of course, if you have £2000 to spend on someone for Valentines, I will happily forget my current plans (?) and date you.

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A watch is a good start, get it engraved if you have been together for over 2 years, if not, keep it simple and go for something that you know they will appreciate, namely some other piece of jewellery or perfume. Lingerie is also a good shout as long as you get it right, ideally look in her pants draw which believe it or not, is full of secrets. For a guy, a nice pair of shoes will go down well (everyone loves shoes!) and it’s more than likely he has never had anyone, other than his Mum, buy him shoes. If you find this too hard, a camera, Kindle, iPad, GHDS or iPod probably wont go a miss.

If you are more inclined to purchase a ‘cute’, more thought-out gift, there are plenty out there. My personal favourites (hint) include a message in a bottle which you can have fun smashing! A picture collage, more for you long-termers, a nice way to spice up any Magnolia student bedroom wall and endless cutting and sticking fun. A toast stamp is also very romantic for that one morning of the year that you do ‘breakfast in bed’.

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Trips are awesome for if you literally have no idea. Do the total opposite of me and purchase something that your partner will enjoy (rather than something you want to do) and possibly something you could make a (dirty) weekend of. Hot air balloon rides, tickets to a show, zoo tickets, train rides, concert tickets, spa days… you get the idea. If you really need to make up for something want to be the best lover in the world, make it a city break to somewhere delightful like Berlin, Paris, Dublin or New York, all of which I can confirm are at least a 8/10 on the romantic scale.

In our current society, SEX IS HUGE, therefore it is essential to include such an important part of daily life into this loving time. A little book on sex is always a laugh! If it doesn’t turn you on, they are (apparently) great for showing you numerous sex positions that are not humanly possible rather than actually giving you ideas for every day of the year. All the ‘triple xxx’ packs you can get on the internet are also an interesting buy (no explanation needed), but just go with whatever you feel both of you will be comfortable with. A set of pyjamas and a dressing gown also falls into the sex category, but bear in mind, it basically suggests “will you move in with me?”. I recommended teaming a sex gift with one of the above though, we don’t want anyone to think your entire relationship is based on ‘the intimate act’.

Inflatable cocks- endless fun!

Inflatable cocks = endless fun!

So there you have it, some handy advise for you all. Watch out for ideas on what not to get a loved one and what to do if you receive one of the ‘worst gifts’.